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How to Resell Your Sneakers


It’s quite remarkable to consider that sneakers were originally designed as, and in a certain sense still are, functional shoes. Sneakers have ascended so successfully to the height of high fashion that they are now associated just as strongly with the catwalk as they are with the running track or the sports field. It depends on what sneakers we’re talking about, but there’s no denying that sneakers are, in fact, highly desirable objects. And if you’ve ever purchased a pair at the more fashionable end of the spectrum, you’ll be well aware that this is often reflected in the hefty price tag that comes along with them.

All of this makes sneakers great items to sell. And selling sneakers is actually pretty popular among those with a few pairs to really boast of. Moreover, while it’s pretty unlikely you’ll make a profit on the amount you originally paid for them, you could certainly still bring in a tidy sum.

Be Sure to Care for Them

There are several ways to go about selling your fashionable kicks as well as many different platforms and places where you can sell them. But before getting on to the various means of doing so, a word on sneaker care is advised. After all, badly deteriorated sneakers are not going to sell terribly well.

An important tip is to ensure that you start caring for them properly the moment you get them. Restoration is possible but it’s certainly something you’ll want to avoid having to do. Simple tips like keeping them stuffed with newspaper when not in use, treating dirt with the right products, and giving them regular treatment with a good shoe deodorizer spray is certainly much advised. ShoeFresh, a brand offering just such shoe sprays, recommends that, ahead of a sale, treatment with a long-lasting spray is essential. If there is any smell when a customer receives them, you can be sure they’ll be coming right back to you.

Sneaker Selling Tips

So, with that crucial point out of the way, here are some top tips for successful sneaker selling:

Be Mindful of the Fees

There are many options for selling your sneakers. You can drop them off at big consignment retailers such as Flight Club and Stadium Goods, or you could simply list them on eBay or even sites like Instagram. However, seller fees are a reality in the majority of cases. Research what these are before proceeding.

How Will You Get Paid?

Whereas fees will apply in the majority of cases, payment is not consistent. Some selling services will require PayPal details, less regulated sellers (which doesn’t necessarily mean unreliable) will make a direct bank transfer, and you might also find yourself simply accepting cash in person. Bear all this mind.

Present Your Sneakers Attractively

For getting your sneakers ready for sale, defer to the advice on care above. However, this is not all there is to the process. If you’re selling online, you are going to want to take good, well-lit pictures and present any value-boosting details such as brand information or the sneakers’ unique history in an easily digestible way.

Consider Selling Privately

A terrific way to save yourself a great deal of hassle is to simply sell privately. Sneakers are products with a very broad appeal, so it’s likely you’ll simply know somebody who would be interested in taking them off your hands. This way, you can avoid fees, as well as the hassle of advertising them online or worrying about getting scammed.

Ultimately, if you have a valuable pair of sneakers in your possession, then the trick is to make that value work for you. Good luck!