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How to restart chromebook?

restart chromebook


In this article, we will focus on how to restart Chromebook. At present, Chromebooks have become extremely popular across the globe. Although there is a huge demand for conventional laptops and iPads, Chromebooks have maintained their own position in this vast computing space.

There is no need for traditional computers to that extent right now. This is because the majority of the users are using tablets and smartphones instead of computers. Larger screens are provided by Chrome OS computers at present which are also lightweight and portable. Moreover, they are not that costly as well. That being said, let us find out what exactly is a Chromebook and also some other information regarding it.

What do you mean by a Chromebook?

It is a fact that Chromebooks do not operate the traditional Mac OS or Windows operating systems. On the other hand, they operate on Chrome OS which is based on Linux. Despite the fact that you might have been familiar with Mac OS and Windows while searching for new computers, Chromebooks have become the 3rd option in recent times.

Even though Chromebooks enjoy lots of support when it comes to apps, they are not intended for heavy workloads whatsoever. These devices might not be ideal for you if you need to perform any complicated workflow needing some particular desktop-level applications. Chromebooks will be ideal for you in case you need to work mainly within a web browser.

How to differentiate between a laptop and a Chromebook?

The majority of the Chromebooks happen to be laptops that are available on the market. It is difficult to differentiate Chromebooks from traditional laptops from the perspective of hardware. One can describe Chromebooks as portable devices that are almost identical to laptops when it comes to basic hardware and design. However, it is the operating system that is the primary difference between laptops and Chromebooks. The Chromebook operating system happens to be Chrome OS while it is Mac OS on MacBooks and Windows on conventional laptops.

The inbuilt storage space is one of the most significant differences between laptops and Chromebooks. The users of Chrome OS do not require a large amount of storage space and you will come across extra storage options as and when required. Because of the comparatively light nature of Chrome OS and since the majority of the apps happen to be Android applications and web apps, the laptops using Chrome OS feature limited internal storage. Several Chromebooks will provide you with an SD card slot. It is a fact that Chrome OS is dependent on cloud storage to a large extent.

how to restart chromebook
how to restart chromebook

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Is it possible to operate Windows on Chromebooks?

As already mentioned, the laptops featuring Chrome OS are usually the ones having a lower storage capacity. As a result, it might not be possible for them to run Windows. In spite of this, one cannot rule out exceptions in some cases. At present, you will come across gaming Chromebooks as well as advanced Chromebooks available on the market. It is possible for these devices to run Windows if required. However, the process is not simple, and there is a possibility of the device getting damaged and your warranty becoming void.

It’ll be advisable for you not to use Windows on a laptop using Chrome OS. It’ll be better to get hold of a Windows computer in case you like to operate Windows. You will come across Linux and Android applications that can be run on a Chrome OS gadget that can help you to do the work better instead of installing Windows on Chromebooks. Moreover, there are also other ways of operating Windows applications on Chromebooks.

Chromebook advantages

It is a fact that Chromebooks will be ideal for certain use cases and not much for others. Here, we will look at the benefits of using Chromebooks right now.

Are comparatively inexpensive

Unlike most of the laptops available on the market, Chromebooks tend to be less costly. It is primarily because of their compact design. Even though they are not able to help you in running many programs, they will be appropriate for writing and general Internet usage if you like to store your writing over the cloud. Unlike the majority of the options, Chromebooks tend to be more inexpensive.

Feature a longer battery life

In most cases, Chromebooks will provide you with a battery life of approximately 10 to 11 hours. On the other hand, the battery life of a Windows laptop is only about 3 to 4 hours. It implies that Chromebooks shall be ideal for you to use in case you are traveling. A fully charged Chromebook will be much better than a conventional laptop in case it is not possible for you to charge your device while working.

The Chrome OS is fast and stable

It is possible for Chromebooks to boot up within a few seconds only which will not be possible for the majority of the operating systems out there. A Chromebook will start almost immediately after pressing the power button and it will boot up within only a few seconds. You will hardly observe any lag time between opening and closing any program. Even though you might find some lag on some occasions, the overall performance is fast. Being extremely stable, the operating system will run smoothly.

The majority of the Chromebooks are compact and lightweight

The majority of the Chromebooks available at the stores are lightly built compared to conventional laptops. The reason why Chromebooks happen to be lighter and thinner is that they do not have much-taxing operations.

Chromebooks are not vulnerable to viruses to a large extent

Chromebooks feature an inbuilt antivirus that is up to date at all times. As a result, there is hardly any possibility for them to be affected by viruses or other malicious files.

How is it possible to use Chromebooks?

It is a fact that Chromebooks are simpler to use, unlike the majority of computers these days. In spite of being somewhat different, the majority of the users are familiar with Chromebooks.

Chromebooks run on Chrome OS for performing the basic jobs. It’ll be possible to expand the functionality of Chromebooks by installing some comprehensive Linux apps or Android applications if this is supported by your machine.

However, you need to go through some tutorials to become acquainted with Chromebooks in case you are using them for the first time. For this, it’ll be sensible to refer to the user manual more than anything else.

how to restart chromebook
how to restart chromebook

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What is the price of Chromebooks?

The price of Chromebooks can be only $150-$200 and it can even cost higher if you like to get hold of the fancy ones. However, one thing is for sure the price of Chromebooks is usually lower compared to Windows laptops out there. You will come across many Chromebooks at present whose price is under $300. Nevertheless, the best value for Chromebooks will be approximately the $500 mark which will provide you with the perfect balance of innovative features.

On the other hand, most sophisticated Chromebooks will cost you more than $1000. However, at that price, you will be able to find many other options available on the market including a comprehensive desktop.

What Chromebooks cannot do for you?

It is possible for a Chromebook to perform many things according to your liking given that it has got access to the web, Linux, as well as the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions on what they are actually able to do. For instance, it is not feasible for Chromebooks to run every app made specifically for Mac OS or Windows gadgets. Furthermore, certain applications running on Android phones have been disabled in this case for Chromebooks.

There are likewise some other Android phone features that cannot be replicated by Chromebooks. These are as follows:

  • GPS
  • Camera flash
  • Barometer
  • Infrared
  • Camera autofocus

Besides this, it will also not be possible for you to position shortcuts or files on the desktop. When every window becomes closed, all the users of Chromebooks will be able to see their selected wallpaper without any kind of obstruction. Everything used by you will be found in the launcher, file Explorer, and shelf. Even though it will not result in any significant issues regarding functionality, it might be difficult to access some particular items to complete certain jobs.

How is it possible to restart Chromebooks?

Compared to a traditional Mac or PC, you will not find any restart or reset button or option in even the best Chromebooks out there. However, it might be possible for you to lose your work in the long run in case you reset your Chromebook in the wrong manner. That being said, here we like to mention that it’ll be possible to restart Chromebooks the proper way which has been covered in the following paragraphs.

Shut down the Chromebook

Make use of the “Shut Down” option for restarting your Chromebook in the normal way. To do this, the notification area has to be tapped and you need to press the “Shut Down” icon at the top.

In this way, you will be able to save your present work while powering off the Chromebook as well. This process will help to power down the Chromebook fully so that it can be restarted manually using the power button.

You’re completely logged out of your Google account by the ‘Shut down’ option before the device is powered off. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about losing any of your work whatsoever.

By making use of the power button

In case the power button of the Chromebook is held for 3 seconds, you will log out successfully from your Google account automatically. This way, your work will be saved, and it’ll be possible for you to power down your Chromebook safely. This process will allow you to restart the Chromebook by making use of the power button as usual.

However, an alternative way is also available for you. In case the power button is held for one second, the Power menu is going to be displayed. It’ll provide you with four options, namely, ‘Log off’, ‘Shut down’, ‘Lock your Chromebook’ as well as ‘Provide feedback’.

how to restart chromebook
how to restart chromebook

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Hard reset the Chromebook

You will lose any work that has been unsaved in case you perform a hard reset. Therefore, it’ll be advisable for you to do a manual log out at first if possible or you must try to close every single Chrome tab that is open.

In case you want to log out manually, first, you need to hold the Ctrl as well as Shift keys while pressing Q two times. Otherwise, choose the “sign out” button after tapping the notification area.

You will not come across any reset button for the majority of Chromebooks, and the default process will be to tap the power button after holding the refresh button. This should make the Chromebook restart almost instantaneously.

Restart hardware using removable batteries

In case the Chromebook features a removable battery, it’ll be possible to restart the hardware by getting rid of and inserting the battery once again. Turn back the Chromebook by waiting for several seconds and then pressing the Power key. However, it’ll be imperative to make sure that the power cable is unplugged before getting rid of the battery or restarting its hardware.

Restart and update the Chromebook

Another effective way to restart the Chromebook will be to install a software update. Software updates are automatically downloaded by Chromebooks when they’re connected to ethernet or Wi-Fi. You will receive notifications for restarting the Chromebook so that the update can be installed when an update is downloaded by Chrome OS in the background.

Go to the “update available” notification after selecting the time at the bottom of the screen and tap Restart to update.

Otherwise, you can also choose the Restart button after opening the Settings app and choosing About ChromeOS.


These are all the different ways in which a Chromebook can be restarted without any problems whatsoever. However, if it is not possible for you to restart the device on your own, it’ll be advisable to come in touch with a professional.