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How to Ship a Car From Texas to California


If you’re moving from Texas to California, shipping your car should be one of your priorities. Working with an established auto transport provider like Montway makes this easy. Find the Open Auto Transport.

Distance, route, and vehicle specifications are three primary elements that determine car shipping prices; continue reading to understand what it costs to move a vehicle from Texas to California.

Enclosed Car Shipping

If you need to transport a luxury or exotic vehicle from California to Texas, enclosed car shipping is the optimal solution. While it costs more than open transport options, enclosed shipping provides greater peace of mind as your vehicle remains free from weather elements and road debris damage – particularly useful when transporting expensive paint jobs or those featured in movies or television shows.

Car shipping via enclosed carriers can also be an ideal solution if your vehicle has been modified with larger tires or has been fitted with a lift kit, as these vehicles require extra care during transit to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Consider top loading, as this adds additional layers of protection against flying debris that might cause damage during transport.

Both open and enclosed car shipping methods are safe for your vehicle, but you must understand their differences before choosing one. The most significant distinction lies in what kind of trailer your car will travel on. Open car shipping typically uses long, two-level carrier trailers, while enclosed car transport uses fully enclosed trailers that protect it from weather elements.

Before selecting a car shipping company to ship your car, ensure they have experience and an established track record. Check reviews from previous customers as well as referrals from family and friends. Ask about insurance coverage, as most companies include this in their base prices – though being informed beforehand may help prevent surprises down the line.

When booking car shipping, begin by getting a free instant quote online or over the phone. Next, choose an acceptable pickup and delivery date before clearing your vehicle of any personal items and cleaning it from top to bottom for transport.

Open Car Shipping

Suppose you need to transport a car from Texas to California. In that case, finding a reputable vehicle shipping company is critical to ensure its safe arrival at its final destination undamaged and undamaged. In addition, an efficient transport provider should offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service; costs for shipping will depend upon the type of shipping selected and the time of year.

Open car shipping is often the more affordable choice, as most vehicles do not require enclosed transport for additional protection. Furthermore, there are many available carrier trucks on the road, so your vehicle will arrive quickly. However, exotic or classic cars should opt for enclosed transport.

The price for open car shipping will depend on factors like vehicle type and size, location of pickup and delivery, and any additional services requested. An approximate average cost to ship from Texas to California would be around $1400 but can fluctuate based on season or other considerations.

When choosing a shipping company, make sure to inquire about their experience and read online reviews. A reputable firm will have an established history and be able to offer an instantaneous quote.

Before scheduling your shipment, ensure that you have copies of the vehicle title and proof of insurance as well as an inspection report and bill of lading – these documents will help ensure a seamless process and protect you against liability for any damages that occur during transit.

If you need to ship your car from California to Texas, contact us immediately for a free, instant quote. We will need some basic details about your vehicle, including the year, make, and model. With this information in hand, we can create a tailored shipping quote explicitly suited to you and schedule pickup at a suitable date and time.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Shipping your car from Texas to California doesn’t need to be complicated or costly, thanks to reliable auto transport companies who will collect your vehicle at your driveway or street and deliver it directly to its final destination in California. They will even pick it up right from where it sits on its trailer! However, be prepared for one or more days off work while waiting for their carrier.

Prices of door-to-door car shipping from Texas to California can depend on a number of factors, including the type of transportation used, vehicle size and weight, season of movement, and any extra services you might require. To know what you should expect when shipping your vehicle from Texas to California, get an instant quote online or over the phone – once this information has been gathered about your car, a carrier will send a truck with a driver to inspect, photograph, and load onto their truck for shipment.

When the driver arrives to collect your car, they will contact you to arrange a pickup time and date. If you cannot be there personally, someone from your household may receive it for you. When receiving the vehicle at its new destination, proof of identity and title copies are required, along with an inspection report to document its condition before shipping.

If you need to ship a car quickly between California and Texas, express shipping may be your solution. Similar to guaranteed auto transport services, express shipping ensures your vehicle will be picked up as soon as possible after booking; they’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule the pickup of your shipment.

Average transit times for this route generally fall within 6-10 days; however, this can depend on factors like pickup and delivery locations, weather conditions on the road, any delays or traffic issues encountered along the way, as well as any issues caused by delays or traffic issues that arise along the way.

Expedited Car Shipping

No matter if it’s from Texas to California or vice versa, we have you covered! Our experienced auto transport specialists offer expedited car shipping at competitive rates. To get started with us, fill out our user-friendly Car Shipping Calculator; enter in information such as pickup/destination cities/states/class (Car, SUV, Van, or Pickup Truck), type or category, and whether or not your car is operable/inoperable as soon as possible!

After that, you can compare the estimated cost for car shipping with other popular routes and services to find one that best meets your unique requirements. Once submitted, our knowledgeable team will be in touch to discuss your quote further and answer any queries that arise.

Expedited Car Shipping offers guaranteed pickup schedules to make auto transport hassle-free and on your terms. With guaranteed pickup schedules available to all, this service eliminates uncertainty over standard auto transport services and allows for tailored transport plans suited to your schedule – making this service especially useful if relocating for work or meeting tight deadlines is essential to you.

As a general guideline, we advise allowing at least 1-2 weeks for coast-to-coast car shipping from or into Texas. Your shipping time may depend upon factors like weather, road conditions, traffic congestion, and availability of carriers or drivers, so to ease communication, we provide our clients with live chat to connect directly with customer service representatives for any last-minute questions they might have.

By choosing our expedited car shipping service, your vehicle is placed ahead of other cars in the delivery queue and given increased priority by the transport carrier – leading to quicker pickup dates than with our standard service.

One of the significant drawbacks of traditional auto transport is being transferred between multiple carriers as your car travels across the country. Our expedited car shipping service, however, ensures your vehicle stays on a single page throughout its journey – which significantly decreases scratches or other forms of damage that might otherwise occur from frequent shifting between pages.

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