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How To Start Online Classes? The Best Guide


For you to know how to start online classes, you must look at this guide carefully…

How To Start Online Classes – This guide will assist you in discovering new ways to easily begin teaching online classes from home in a matter of minutes. So, before we get into our thorough guide, consider how many times you’ve used the internet to solve a problem.

You may have wanted to spend time with friends or just do something different for a change. So, you type in phrases like “cool places to visit in Europe” or “fun weekend activities” into Google. You even use online maps to find your way to your discovery.

That has now become the standard. Mr. Google is our go-to resource for almost all. Anything from discovering new cooking recipes to troubleshooting devices is covered. And this is a fantastic chance.

How To Start Online ClassesHave you ever wondered where all of the information that you use comes from? It was created by people like you and me. Someone else is interested in a topic you are familiar with, just like you would watch a tutorial to learn how to remove a dent from your bicycle.

And these students will pay you if you teach them anything new. I’m referring to the possibility of working as an online instructor.

How To Start Online Classes? Or should I say why?

Before getting into how to start online classes, let me tell you quickly why you should…

  • It’s easy

Today, it is incredibly simple to teach online. You’ve already been thinking about it for a long time. There is no better time to begin than right now.

Almost everybody on the planet has access to the internet. This allows you to reach millions of people who are looking for your content.

  • The market is ready!

According to a National Center Of Education survey, there were over 6.6 million learners enrolled in distance learning in the United States alone in 2017.

That only includes students enrolled in well-known, degree-granting institutions. People are increasingly turning to the internet to satisfy their need for information.

  • Enabling the technology

How To Start Online Classes

There are sites built for online teaching that use modern technology. They make it simple to design, host and market your class.

Weshare, for example, enables you to create a paid online class for free, regardless of what you teach online.

How To Start Online Classes? – The best ways

  1. Grow a YouTube channel

How To Start Online Classes – YouTube is the most popular video search engine. Many people go there not only for entertainment but also for education. You can join the rising number of YouTubers who are making money while sharing their expertise.

Instead of concentrating on growing your site, use YouTube to host your class videos – where the majority of them will be hidden from the public (more on that later).

It is important, however, that you have a clear vision of what you want to teach before embarking on the path of online teaching. This requires a particular niche and philosophy.

There are some tips to be successful at making educational content on YouTube, let me show you…

  • Define your target audience.

How To Start Online Classes – The depth to which you delve into a topic will be influenced by your target audience. Determine who you want to teach (beginners, intermediate or advanced students). This will decide the type of classes you will teach as well as the teaching technique you will employ.

How To Start Online Classes

  • Generate ideas for the topic

In layman’s words, you are choosing what you can teach. Determine what you know and are passionate about. Make a list of what you believe you can teach. Your educational history, job or life experiences, and hobbies can all have an impact on your ideas.

Whatever you choose, try to take a special approach. This way, you won’t just be copying what’s already on the market.

  • Test the course concept

You’re ecstatic about creating a class on a specific subject! But is your intended audience as enthused as you are?

If no one is interested in your subject, there is no need to devote your time and energy to developing a class on it.

How To Start Online Classes – There are some methods you can use to find out. Using search engine optimization, conducting interviews, researching the business, and so on are examples of these.

More information about how to use these approaches can be found in our article on how to become a paid influencer.

  • Make a class plan.

How you present your class material is essential. You should design your class in such a way that it captures learners’ attention, keeps them involved, and encourages learning transfer.

You can use YouTube to teach through videos, animations, or narrate your subject. You can practice various presentation styles on YouTube. Then, determine which method works best for your students.

  1. Make a website

How To Start Online Classes – This is one of the most important tips if you want to know how to start online classes, To begin, create a website that will host your online school. Since a landing page is the first page your website visitors can see, it makes sense to start there.

While you’re at it, invest in your brand identity. Adjust the colors and fonts of the theme you’re using, as well as your logo.

The LearnWorlds page builder excels at this because it allows you to personalize your website in minutes without requiring any technical or coding knowledge.

Here’s how to integrate LearnWorlds into your school’s website:

  1. Choose a good template (a unique one)

You’ll find a plethora of models to choose from and customize as you see fit in the page builder. Selecting and editing yours is as easy as editing a Microsoft Word or a Mac Pages file!

How To Start Online Classes – Using this useful tool, you can get creative with your brand’s colors and logo to build a landing page that is tailored to your personal or professional brand, post, and audience. You can also use it to choose the best font for the theme you want to make for your academy.

Choosing the right templates is critical, particularly for the header picture, because it is a make-or-break step. If your landing page does not entice your site visitors to read your content within a few seconds, they will reach for the X button and the chance will be lost.

  1. Complete the website’s look

Aside from landing pages, the page creator will assist you in creating any other form of a page that needs to be included on your school’s website.

This is the ‘‘About Us” tab, which can be used to introduce your brand, and the ‘‘Thank You” page, which appears after course purchase and can assist you in effectively communicating your message(s).

How To Start Online Classes – Similarly, you can build any page that either provides more to your current students, assists in attracting new students to your academy or serves a particular purpose you want to accomplish.

As an example:

  • Subscription Pages: Do you want to highlight your online courses or school subscriptions? Then, choose a design that you want and concentrate on providing the details they need about them.
  • Promoting Special Offers or Coupons: Do you want to advertise special offers or coupons? Create a high-conversion-potential call-to-action button, and you’re good to go!
  • Blog: How do you share valuable knowledge while also creating a “buzz” around your academy? Build a blog or an eBook to inform your audience while also promoting your online courses.
  • Testimonial Page: What are your students thinking about your courses? It’s easy. You should make a page with customer testimonials!

“How to start online classes?” – For more advanced customizations, you can also change the CSS code and the player for each course to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

As you can see, the possibilities with the LearnWorlds page builder are limitless, and there is no need to spend money on costly software, hosting, and maintenance to set up your school’s website.

How To Start Online Classes – It includes everything you need to create visually beautiful pages and fill them with videos, photographs, text types, and even embed and mirror external material! In a nutshell, we’ve got you covered.

  1. It’s time to start your first online course

If your website is up and running, it’s time to start adding some learning material.

How To Start Online Classes – To make your own, all you need to do is come up with a profitable course concept and then work on it to create eLearning content. Choose a subject about which you are enthusiastic and informed or one that is important to your company’s industry.

Creating material for your first course involves first defining your learning goals and then developing a course outline to help direct the learning process.

outline the course…

You will need to split the course curriculum into key topics and sub-topics to construct a course outline. Set the course sections apart by difficulty level, pedagogical method, or any other criteria you prefer.

It might be beneficial to brainstorm ideas about how to teach the topic, study the literature, or check the web to see what others in related fields are doing.

Now, choose your learning method…

How To Start Online Classes – Choose a learning strategy or a hybrid solution that you want to use and stick to it. This will determine the type of content and events, as well as the format of your entire academy, since it is not only about the course, but also about the space in which your teaching takes place.

Remember that learning does not take place in a social space, but rather in a social world with a variety of variables. After all, this is the essence of a great online academy.

Learning online, especially in an environment that is part of your website, has several interactions that you can consider or exploit. This includes social events, group research, and input from instructors through messages or email.

And of course, that last step of how to start online classes is to upload the first course of yours to the web.

Creating a We share class

Weshare is a platform that allows you to build free online classes and earn money for each one. It will help you a lot in learning how to start online classes.

In this section, we’ll outline the steps you’ll need to take to start an online class and, hopefully, set yourself up for success as an online teacher!

Disclaimer: As with anything else in this guide, it will take some effort on your part to generate a consistent income from Weshare – and it will be entirely dependent on you and the time you spend on it.

But we’ll do whatever we can to get YOU there as quickly and easily as possible. Furthermore, Weshare is currently available in some countries – if you do not live in one of these countries, you will be unable to use our service.

So, how to create a class on Weshare?

  1. Sign up

How To Start Online Classes – Then sign up for the email address with which you want your Weshare account to be linked. Also, enter your first and last names, as well as a profile show name (it will be important).

Continue with our account setup process, choose the country where you’ll be teaching, and enter your PayPal email address so that we can give you Payouts (your class earnings).

Continue to create your first online class after you’ve pressed continue and created your account.

  1. Create a class

How To Start Online Classes – Following the creation of your account, you will be automatically guided to the creation of your first class. Here are the steps to making a successful online course.

You can find your video hosting options for this class in the “Class Video Settings” section. You can now use either a previously recorded video or a live video.

I think this is easy to do, let’s get to the next step on how to start online classes.

Promote your class

How To Start Online Classes – Take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far! You’ve done some homework and determined what and how you want to teach. You started a We share class and made yourself visible and accessible online.

How To Start Online Classes – It’s now time to start promoting! Your mission is to find as many clients as possible and to enroll your ideal students. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some approaches you can take:

  • Start a podcast or get interviewed – You can share information about issues relevant to your class by being a guest on other people’s podcasts or by starting your own. You’ll satisfy the needs of those who want to listen to the audio while doing other things like driving, commuting, or doing housework.
  • Promote it on YouTube – With over 30 million internet users looking for content on YouTube every day, you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t promote your classes there. Begin by sharing the class trailer video and any other videos that can help promote your class. Make an extra effort to engage the audience by answering their questions or responding to their feedback.
  • Host a live webinar (give something away for free) and share some highlights from your class content during this webinar. Alternatively, discuss the learning goals. Enable attendees to ask one-on-one questions as well. They learn more about the class and how it will meet their needs when you answer their questions and provide clarification. You can build a Weshare class as a webinar (with no pricing).
  • Create a Medium blog – blogs are great for growing an audience of people who are interested in a specific subject. These are the best people to start selling your class to. You simply need to invite those who want to learn more about the subject to register for the class.
  • Begin a social media strategy – create a social following by sharing relevant photos and content that will pique the attention of your followers. After that, invite them to your class.
Increase the sales now!

How To Start Online Classes – Now, you have an amazing experience on how to start online classes, let me give you some tips to increase the sales for your classes.

  • Seek out chances to talk at local events – but make sure you do your homework before agreeing to speak at any function. You aim to attract an audience that is interested in your topic.

    Then, request to give a presentation and take advantage of the opportunity to mention that you have an online class that delves deeper into the topic.

  • Consider student testimonials – you should ask previous students to share their experiences. If you make good materials, you can get a lot of positive feedback. And, if you receive negative reviews, use them to strengthen the class.

    This lends prestige and social evidence to your class. Prospective students would be attracted to register if they have faith that your class teaches what you say.

  • Utilize the Power of Google AdWords – in this case, you create advertisements based on target keywords.

    When people search for information relevant to your target keywords, the advertisements will appear in search results. To begin, determine which keywords internet users are using to search for content relevant to your niche.

  • Request reviews from those in your industry, such as bloggers, YouTubers, or social media influencers. You could give them free access to your class in return for a public review.

Now, you know how to start online classes, I think you are ready. Go make some money!

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