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How to Stream Local Channels Online


There are many ways to watch your local channels online, but one of the easiest ways is using an ad-supported app. The apps offered by the Big Five networks are free to download and offer a convenient way to stay up to date. However, you may have to wait for on-demand or live programming. In addition, these apps will only work if available in your area.

YouTube TV

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber, you’re probably wondering how to stream local channels while traveling. The solution is simple: you can use a VPN service to hide your location. The VPN will give you a new IP address based on the area where the local channels are broadcast. This trick tricks your system into thinking you’re in that region, and you can then watch your favorite local channels. You just need to ensure you’ve joined a reliable VPN service, configure it on your device, and update the area settings on your YouTube TV.

However, be aware that some channels are unavailable on YouTube TV and that you may have to look elsewhere. If that’s the case, you can download a channel guide and see which channels are available in your area. Alternatively, you can use an antenna to stream your local channels to your YouTube TV.

Hulu + Live TV

If you’re looking for a live streaming service that offers local channels, Hulu + Live TV is an excellent choice. It allows you to watch local channels and many other cable channels, and you can also stream popular on-demand content. The four largest broadcast networks in the country provide local channels, which you can watch with your Hulu account. These channels include local news, sports, and entertainment channels. They are broadcast through 210 designated marketing areas, so you’ll find a wide selection of local programs and channels with Hulu.

While many local channels are available, Hulu doesn’t have agreements with every regional sports network. Some notable exclusions include Bally Sports, Marquee Sports Network, and NESN. Whether you can watch your local channels depends on your physical location. If you live in a large city, you’ll be able to stream local TV stations via Hulu + Live TV.

Amazon Fire TV recast

Fire TV Recast is an app that will help you watch local channels. It comes in two tuners, meaning you can record two or four shows simultaneously. While the app has some limitations, it can also be very useful for those looking to catch up on the latest TV shows. It has two USB ports for transferring files and an Ethernet port for streaming. It can also record up to 75 hours of video.

Fire TV Recast is easy to set up. The app will show you the best direction to point the antenna. Once you’ve done this, simply connect the antenna to the device and wait for it to scan the channels. Afterward, you can watch live TV channels or recordings on your Amazon device.


If you’re a fuboTV subscriber and would like to stream local channels, there are a few steps that you can take to accomplish this. You can first check which networks are available in your area by visiting the fuboTV website. Once you’ve entered your zip code, you’ll be able to see which local channels are available in your area.

First, you’ll want to know how much it costs to get local channels. While local channels are usually available in most areas, you may find that you’re limited to just one or two. It’s best to check before you buy.

Sling TV

If you’re a Sling TV subscriber and live in an area where cable companies don’t carry local channels, you’ll want to know how to stream those channels on the service. Though the streaming service offers some regional networks, such as Fox and NBC, it does not cover all markets. However, there are workarounds you can use to access local channels.

Most modern televisions come with a channel scan option. You can also find this option on a computer. You can also try an AirTV device to stream local channels on Sling TV for free. This device also lets you watch all your TV in one place.


There are two ways to find out what local TV channels are available to you through DIRECTV. The first is by using the DIRECTV app. The app requires you to register your device before receiving the service. Once registered, you can watch DIRECTV from your phone or computer. The second method is the AT&T TV app, which works like traditional cable TV. It requires a set-top box and remote control, but you can watch content from your mobile device.

Local channels are available through DIRECTV on all its platforms, but they may not be available in every market. The availability of local channels depends on your billing ZIP code and market area. You can check your availability by using the channel lookup tool. If you’re on a mobile device, you should ensure that you have enabled location services and entered your correct ZIP code.