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How to Sync Google Contacts to Your iPhone


There are several ways to sync Google contacts to your iPhone, including using iCloud. You can also manually import them using a free iPhone contact management app. Some of the most popular ones are CopyTrans Contacts, Cisdem ContactsMate, and PhoneSync. All of these apps will help you to import your Google contacts.

CopyTrans Contacts

If you want to transfer all your contacts from Google to your iPhone, you can easily do it with CopyTrans Contacts. You can connect your iPhone to your computer and select a file from your computer’s hard drive. The program will then open a new folder on your desktop and import your contacts.

CopyTrans Contacts is a powerful contact manager for iPhones and iPod Touches. It allows you to easily manage all your iPhone, iPod Touch,, and iPad contacts. Your contact address book is one of the essential things on your phone. Losing it can be a nightmare, so you should make a proper backup of your contacts, preferably on your computer.

To transfer your Google contacts to your iPhone, you must have a vCard file and an iCloud account. In addition to importing Google contacts, you can also import contacts from VCF or CSV files. To complete the process, you will also need to have an iCloud account or a Google account.

CopyTrans Contacts is available for USD 1.99 through September 30. It will increase to USD 4.99 on October 21. It supports 23 languages. It also has a free trial version that allows you to perform 50 actions. You can extend the trial to 200 steps if you purchase it.

Once you download and install CopyTrans Contacts, you can see your phonebook from multiple sources and export selected contacts. You can then save them to your hard drive. After you export the connections to your machine, you need to reconnect your iPhone. Allow the device to recognize it before you sync your Google contacts to your iPhone.

Besides Google contacts, you can also sync your iPhone contacts to Gmail. However, not everyone is using iCloud. Therefore, you can delete your contacts from the site if you use any other services. Moreover, turning off the sync can delete your contacts from the iPhone.

Cisdem ContactsMate

Cisdem ContactsMate is a contact management tool that saves users the pain of managing several address books. The device is very user-friendly and lets you easily back up your contacts. In addition, it enables you to organize your contacts into custom groups. It can also export your contacts to various formats, including CSV, Excel, vCard, TXT, and Docx. Lastly, you can back up your contacts and fix any errors using batch correction options.

Another benefit of Cisdem ContactsMate is that it can automatically import your contacts from various sources, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and iCloud. This tool is handy if you have an extensive list of references, making managing them much more accessible. Plus, you can view and edit all of your contacts with ease. Moreover, the software has an inbuilt synchronization feature, which will automatically detect any new contacts that have been added to your address book.

The first step is to install the Cisdem ContactsMate on your Mac. To do this, download it from the official website. Once installed, open the application and sign in with your Gmail and iCloud accounts. Next, sign in to your Gmail account and click the Contacts tab. Once you have completed this step, you’ll find all of your contacts on the Mac. Drag and drop them to the iCloud group, and your contacts will be synced.

Managing your contacts can be time-consuming, so Cisdem ContactsMate is an excellent contact manager for Mac users. It features an easy-to-navigate interface, features, and tutorials to make your contacts management experience easier. It also allows you to export your contacts to different files.

The next step is to sync your iPhone contacts with your Mac. To do this, you need to use a tool that supports the CSV format. It is important to note that the ContactsMate app is compatible with Mac and iOS. You can download it for free from the app’s official website.