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How to Use the GTWorld App


The GTWorld app has a content rating of Everyone and is compatible with Android devices that support 19 APIs. It comes in several versions, including 1.9.22, 1.9.21, 1.9.11, and 1.9.7. This app also supports biometric authentication. Let us look at some of its features:

Activating salary advance

A salary advance is a temporary overdraft facility that allows private company employees to access up to 50% of their net monthly salary. The GTWorld app enables employees to apply for a salary advance within 24 hours. This service is available only for customers with an active GTBank account.

Generating bank statements

Bank statements are essential for several reasons, including tracking your spending habits and investments. They are also required for many transactions, such as taking out loans, buying a house, or traveling abroad. In the past, generating bank statements meant visiting a branch and filling out the relevant paperwork. But thanks to the GT World app, you no longer need to worry about these paper documents – you can now easily create and send them from the convenience of your smartphone.

The GTWorld app has been designed to meet all your banking needs. It recognizes your face and fingerprint for logging in and can adjust to your personal preferences. It also offers several convenient features, including money transfers, buying airtime, sending money to your friends and contacts, and even setting savings targets.

Accessing in-branch services

The GTWorld app offers a convenient way to access in-branch services and make payments. It provides real-time monitoring of transactions, as well as features for single and bulk transfers. You can also use a 737 Token. This app has several advantages over the gtbank app.

Biometric authentication

In the GTWorld app, you can set up biometric authentication to unlock your account. You can use a hardware token, or you can use your finger or face. Upon entering your username and password, you will be given options to use biometrics or a standard login.

GTWorld is a mobile banking app that caters to a broad spectrum of customer needs. The app uses biometric authentication to recognize and adapt to the user’s preferences. You can log into the app with your fingerprint or face to make transfers, purchase airtime, send money to contacts, apply for loans, and set savings goals.

Biometric authentication is a great feature to incorporate into your mobile app, but it should be used cautiously. It can ruin the usability of your app if you try to implement it too quickly. Instead, ensure that biometric authentication will provide a tangible value for your target user and outweigh the additional cost and complexity.

Easy to use

If you want to bank in GTWorld, you can download the app from the Google Play store or App store. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, the app requires you to log in with your User ID and password. For more security, you can use the 737 Token or your phone’s fingerprint to authenticate yourself. Moreover, you can also create a four-digit PIN for added security.

The GTWorld mobile app offers a wide range of services. It helps you transfer money, buy airtime, access your bank accounts, and check your balance. It also allows you to make transfers and payments to your contacts and beneficiaries. You can also apply for loans, buy airtime, and access your ECG information.