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How to Write a Proposal for Digital Marketing Services


Proposals are an effective way of showcasing digital marketing services professionally and can help manage client expectations and increase your close rate. Guide to buy Instagram followers.

Include an outline of the problem or goal, proposed strategies to achieve their desired result, and an estimated timeline.

1. Executive Summary

Your digital marketing proposal should start with an executive summary to give clients an overview of its contents. They may read this first, and it should explain what you propose doing for them and the timeline and budget information.

Project timelines provide your client with an outline of what is expected from you. Include specific dates for campaign deliverables or create an overall timeline based on your services.

Include a case study as an effective way of showcasing your past work and convincing prospects that you possess the expertise required to help them meet their goals. It allows you to demonstrate creativity without overwhelming potential customers with too much information.

2. Services

No matter your pitch for inbound marketing services, content marketing strategies, conversion optimization, or reporting and analytics solutions – including examples from past projects is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and build trust among prospective clients.

Provide your client with a clear timeline for how your agency will implement its digital marketing strategy. Proposify’s interactive pricing tables make presenting project fees, discounts, taxes, and extras simple.

Digital marketing trends change quickly, so it is essential that when crafting a proposal, you keep its flexibility in mind. Include a section stating how your tactics may vary depending on results received from clients – this gives your prospect the option of choosing your offer over competitors who do not offer this level of flexibility.

3. Pricing

Digital marketing campaigns can be expensive depending on your client and their goals, so this section of your proposal should provide a detailed breakdown of pricing and timelines.

Packaged pricing can be an effective way to qualify leads, allowing potential clients to select only those services they’re most interested in. Provide a list of digital marketing services offered and their expected duration, along with milestones or important dates they must reach before moving forward with any package pricing plan.

Add credibility to your strategy outline with client testimonials and case studies from past customers, using an online signature tool to increase close rates and make signing off proposals easier for prospects. Proposify makes it possible to track who views each section for how long.

4. Requirements

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, so your proposals must contain some flexibility. Inform clients that trends may quickly shift, and should they sign an ongoing project with you, it may need adjusting based on new data that comes in.

Consider including a section on staffing to show which team members will be accountable for each deliverable, especially in larger projects with multiple team members working on them. This step can help streamline operations.

At last, it’s time to outline your pricing structure. Our digital marketing proposal template comes equipped with an exclusive pricing page to showcase hourly rates, monthly packages, and project fees in an easily understandable format – helping you to demonstrate costs clearly while managing expectations.

5. Appendix

Proposals for digital marketing services are sent out to prospective clients who haven’t inquired yet to present marketers’ businesses and win new projects.

Locate and address the client’s problem statement in your proposal. Your problem-solving approach should also include strategies, methods, deliverables, expected outcomes, budget and timeline estimates, and how you will monitor each objective’s success.

Your digital marketing proposals should contain a pricing section to inform clients how much your services cost, either hourly or as an upfront fixed service fee. As each client may prefer either option, discuss it beforehand with them.

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