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How you can Keep Spam From Clogging Up Your iPhone Email


I possess many email accounts; hence the amount of spam I receive is multiplied by the variety of reports I have. I can not say that solving the junk issue in Outlook was a no-brainer; it took us a couple of years of trying various things before I settled on Cloudmark. If you have wrestled with junk in your inbox, I endorse checking out Cloudmark (Google it). Read the IPHONE HACKER FOR HIRE REVIEW here.

But I digress. This may not be about Outlook. After this determined effort to eliminate as much junk as possible from my mailbox, I decided that it was finally time for you to start using a smartphone about email.

I narrowed the choices to Palm, Blackberry mobile phones, and of course, the iPhone. I chose the apple iPhone immediately. I’ve been using hand for years but not for email. Blackberry was the best choice, and to email only might have been a more sensible choice.

A year ago, I set up a website for my customer. Along with that, she, naturally, also established an email account. Her contact email had been published on the website (against the recommendation), and within a month or two, the email bots had found her email, and this lady was now a junk target.

We took care of most of the issues by preparing filters in Outlook, which can be a painful process. But then this lady got a blackberry, and all sorts of that work to eliminate spam couldn’t be duplicated on the Bb.

I did what I often do when I couldn’t answer a problem. I Googled the idea: “reduce blackberry spam.” Many of us found a program to supplement your blackberry that provided very decent spam filtering, and my client is a happy camper.

The solution was not so easy for my iPhone 3gs and me. Frankly, I did not question the store associate how iPhone 3gs handles spam. I was way too impressed with “Need intended for Speed.” I’ve never viewed a phone run a sport like that. iPhone is a hand-held video game contender, but my spouse and I digress again.

I bought the fourth there’s 16 gig version (which My spouse and I probably won’t ever need, nevertheless – you know). In addition, I increased my already limitless account by another $35 for internet access.

I terminated my gym membership to cover the increased cost of the iPhone and justified which by saying to myself I would get in shape the old-fashioned method. I’d run, bike as well, as exercise my way to thin-dom – outdoors! I don’t see how that’s going… but I LIKE my iPhone.

And then this hit me. I in no way realized how much spam We get since I’ve removed most of it in my View software. I was overloaded. I got 100 emails a day, and 85% of that was spam. It had been so bad, frankly, that it delivered the email on the iPhone not usable.

A quick trip to the Apple iPhone Apps store (via the actual Apps icon on the iPhone) reveals no software that you could put on your iPhone to solve this issue. My trusty Google search produced the same results. Nobody, however, has a spam problem on their iPhone.

Again although, Google came to the save. This time, in a different way. I have experienced a Gmail account for a little while. Gmail allows you to route various other emails through its bank account. I didn’t use which feature too much, but I have had one history.

Contemplating back, spam was by no means an issue with that account. Google30mail was filtering the junk! So, I started completing all of my POP3 electronic mail accounts through Gmail. When I read my Gmail bank account using my iPhone, Voila’! No spam.

The way I possess this setup is simple. I take advantage of the IMAP settings to the iPhone and POP3 adjustments for Outlook. When this iPhone reads the emails, it leaves them on the servers (by default). When my Outlook contains the emails from Gmail, the idea deletes them from the hardware. I rarely see junk. That problem is solved.

“Any issues? “you ask. The only annoyance I have is seeing that Outlook is getting my emails forwarded from Gmail, only reply. My client receives an email from my Google30mail account instead of my organization email. It’s supposed to use a default address that I set up, but it doesn’t operate correctly.

I had to set up the business email account regress to something more manageable in Outlook and arrears to that. Once I reply, I have to make sure that the email I am sending from is not the Gmail account but is my real business accounts email… not Gmail. It appears that there is an Achilles heel in most suitable solutions, but this I can live with.

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