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Is Dailymotion Better Than YouTube?


YouTube is vastly more popular than Dailymotion and features more varied content while forbidding nudity, whereas Dailymotion does not.

One reason for the difference lies within YouTube; its analytics tools, such as YouTube Insight, help uploaders track and improve their videos, giving YouTube an essential competitive edge over competitors like Vimeo. This gives uploaders valuable insight, and an enormous advantage over competitors such as Vimeo or other services like Vine.

Video length

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform enabling users to upload and share videos. Visitors to the website will find content ranging from sports competitions, music and fashion videos, comedy skits, and home videos uploaded directly by its users – some even uploaded themselves!

YouTube and Dailymotion differ most significantly by offering users the chance to share in the revenue earned by their videos on YouTube, whereas Dailymotion does not. This can be an excellent incentive to produce and upload their videos onto the platform.

YouTube stands out as an advantage because it provides advanced analytics tools to assist individuals and businesses with monitoring who is watching their videos and when. Unfortunately, Dailymotion lacks this feature. Furthermore, Dailymotion restricts file uploads, whereas YouTube doesn’t set length restrictions.


Dailymotion and YouTube compete fiercely for viewers in video streaming; each distinct offering focuses and attracts unique audiences. Dailymotion provides users with upload options and monetization options for content creators; however, it has a smaller viewership base.

Dailymotion provides an age filter feature to protect children from inappropriate content on desktop and mobile versions of its site. To enable it, log into your account and select your profile in the upper right corner. Next, click the “Family Filter” option to activate.

Dailymotion offers multiple methods for video creators to monetize their videos, such as in-stream ads, in-display ads, and in-feed ads that appear before, during, or after playing videos on their player. YouTube, however, offers more robust monetization solutions while making becoming eligible easier than before for YouTube monetization.

Copyright Policy

Dailymotion’s copyright policy is more lenient, which is one of the reasons many content creators opt to upload videos there. But they should still take caution with any background music which could infringe upon someone else’s rights, as this could result in its removal by YouTube, leading to additional frustration for content creators.

DailyMotion works closely with organizations such as E-Enfance to raise awareness of bullying and cyberbullying while equipping parents with the tools necessary for safe browsing on its site. DailyMotion strives to make it safer by reducing malware and viruses; however, high-traffic websites remain vulnerable to attacks, and using antivirus software would be wise.

Google owns YouTube, offering analytics tools such as YouTube Insight that enable individuals and businesses to track who views their videos regularly and when. Content creators rely on this data to make adjustments that improve their videos.


Dailymotion is a popular video streaming service that offers a diverse selection of videos ranging from sports competitions and music festivals to political debates, gaming live-streams, home videos, and home videos. Dailymotion features categories that make finding what you’re searching for easy; however, it lacks advanced analytics, which makes growing an audience difficult.

YouTube boasts a massive global viewership and is an excellent option for video creators looking to reach global audiences while making money from their content creation efforts.

YouTube offers more diverse monetization options than Dailymotion does. Though some restrictions may exist, making money on YouTube should be much simpler for eligible content creators than with Dailymotion ads which tend to be intrusive. Furthermore, using antivirus software and taking precautionary steps when browsing the web should always be your top priority when visiting any website.