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Is PeopleLooker legit – Know Complete Details!

Is PeopleLooker legit


In this post, we will provide a comprehensive review of PeopleLooker and also give a reply to this question “Is PeopleLooker legit”. PeopleLooker is actually a data combination platform located in New York providing individuals with access to large amounts of public records. It also produces applicable search results by scanning through reputed social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The reviews of PeopleLooker depict that it provides current and accurate details linked to any particular person when entering their name, phone number, or address.

Is it legit?

The question might arise in your mind whether PeopleLooker happens to be legit or not. You might likewise feel inquisitive to figure out whether the platform is able to provide quick access to any unknown information regarding any person. It is a fact that PeopleLooker will be able to deliver the goods since it comes with lots of positive reviews at present. In case the majority of the reviews were negative, it would suggest that PeopleLooker will not be convenient for us at all. However, it is not a fact and PeopleLooker will not fail us at all in the long run.

How is PeopleLooker going to work?

In most cases, gathering information involves lots of lengthy investigations as well as travels to various sites where compiling data holds records from different types of public sources in one particular area. The beneficial aspect is that PeopleLooker will help to simplify this process of getting information significantly. At present, it is possible for users to get lots of information that was distributed earlier across different government agencies.

Once you visit the website of PeopleLooker, it will be evident to you that you can use it only for locating information related to the inhabitants of the US. Here, we like to mention that the reviews of PeopleLooker compile info from different types of sources such as state, national, city, and county databases.

Nevertheless, it was revealed to us that the engine of PeopleLooker likewise crawls through various types of social media sites at present. Some notable examples of these social media sites happen to be Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

PeopleLooker pros

  • Provides unlimited search options
  • Simple to use and attractive interface
  • Competitive price ranges
  • Transparency
  • Searches are private
  • iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Streamlined approach when it comes to pricing
is peoplelooker legit
is peoplelooker legit

PeopleLooker cons

  • It is not possible to explore the dark web
  • Additional charges for specific information
  • Some searches can only be accessible on mobile gadgets
  • Possibility of providing a better customer service
  • Absence of any live chat assistance
  • It takes a long time to process a request

Why opt for PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker comes with a powerful search engine that can provide you with search results within a short time. Apart from this, the attractive and unique design of the website of PeopleLooker is also worth mentioning.

  • Provides you with quick results – One of the most notable features of PeopleLooker is that there is no need for you to wait endlessly for getting your report, unlike other people search sites. It will take under two minutes to complete the research, and you will get your report for download within five minutes only.
  • Robust search engine – The good thing about PeopleLooker is that it will maintain the simplicity of things in a streamlined fashion and there is no possibility for you to become confused because of an excessive number of options compared to most of the other people search websites out there. You simply need to enter the name of your subject as well as surname, and then click on search. The search engine will be trawling through numerous records and preparing a report with all the pertinent information. It is as simple as that.

What can you do with PeopleLooker?

One of the most prominent features of PeopleLooker happens to be its reliable and quick search results. On the contrary, online records will figure out the accuracy of these outcomes. You should be able to have faith in these results given that the information is being updated on a regular basis.

Despite the fact that there might not be any information on a particular person at present, you might get the information tomorrow. In the event of this happening, you will receive a new repository instantly.

is peoplelooker legit
is peoplelooker legit

PeopleLooker features

PeopleLooker provides us with many innovative features which has made it amongst the most renowned personal background check companies right now. Encrypted SSL certificates are going to process the requests sent by you which can assure you of total privacy and security. In this way, the privacy of every search is maintained which is vital while investigating the past history of an individual. Apart from this, the site makes it apparent how it is going to gather and use the info and the manner in which the customers should use the information on their own.

It is possible to perform some fundamental things with PeopleLooker like:

  • Photographs of the individual
  • Relatives
  • Phone numbers
  • Court Documents
  • Information regarding properties as well as the details of the buyer and the seller
  • Criminal history
  • Addresses
  • Full name and maiden names
  • Email addresses

Removal of information

Websites like PeopleLooker are likewise used by people for performing a search by themselves to find out what comes up. The good thing is that you can make use of the information removal service of PeopleLooker if you like to remove any information from the reviews.

You simply need to perform what it asserts on the webpage. It is possible to remove information from the site within approximately 24 hours once it receives a request. Here, we like to mention that the service will be available free of cost, and no registration is needed whatsoever.

There is no possibility for the removed information to reappear once again. Here, it is essential to bear in mind that it does not assure you that no more info regarding you is going to be made public in the future. Fortunately, it will be feasible for you to revoke your consent easily and within a short time according to your convenience.

People search

You can get better outcomes by refining your search while entering several criteria. It is possible for you to make use of the email address and physical address of the person, or his phone number rather than only their first and last name.

The site will go through lots of information after your criteria are inputted by you, and it will also compare records to figure out which ones are the nearest matches. Even though it can consume some time, you will get a comprehensive report from PeopleLooker in the end.

The normal people research report is going to include the search subject’s identifying information like the full name and birth date of the search subject. PeopleLooker is also going to reveal the following:

  • Mobile number
  • The Internet
  • Close relatives
  • Email
  • Address
  • Bankruptcies

The reviews of PeopleLooker appreciate the amount of information that is provided on a continual basis. This platform will help you to connect to the proper person even though not much information is provided by you to get started.

It will be a sensible idea to use PeopleLooker for performing background checks on possible business partners for safeguarding yourself from fake Internet service providers as well as financial fraud. You may also utilize it as a dating applicability verification.

Always make sure to perform some background checks on the Internet on somebody prior to meeting him personally. It will be particularly beneficial in the online dating field where individuals often produce fake accounts. It will help you to become certain that the individual on the other end of the personal computer is absolutely genuine and he is not cheating you.

Property Verification

Most individuals are going to invest a lot of capital while purchasing a house since it is going to be their biggest financial commitment. They also need to perform everything correctly while doing that. You can take the help of the free address search tool of PeopleLooker for getting more information regarding the previous owners of the property, taxes, approximate value, the year of the construction, square footage, and so forth.

The extensive property search features of PeopleLooker will allow you to receive a better knowledge of the area. Make it a point to investigate the services provided by the city like community centers and recreational areas, the demographics, the educational opportunities for the students, as well as the local companies serving them.

You can also retrieve the crime rates in a particular area by making use of an address search. It will help you to understand whether it will be a sensible idea to move to that place or not. It is a fact that the majority of the in-demand statistics online happens to be the number of violence that happens in these cities at present.

Extra features

One can consider PeopleLooker to be amongst the most notable personal background search companies at present due to the many innovative features provided by it.

Before being dispatched for processing, SSL certificates will be used for encrypting and safeguarding your information. PeopleLooker will make certain that all the searches are private which is imperative to do while investigating a prospective employer.

The reviews of PeopleLooker make obvious the manner in which information is collected and used by the website and the manner in which it should be used by the consumers. While it is imperative for PeopleLooker to stick to all the rules imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the same can be expected from its users as well.

PeopleLooker has emphasized openness and privacy more than anything else given that it happens to be a public record search engine.

is peoplelooker legit
is peoplelooker legit

PeopleLooker price

You will come across as many as three price tiers when it comes to the cost of PeopleLooker. It will be possible for you to take advantage of a trial membership of one dollar for seven days, or you may also select from the following plans mentioned below:

  • Payment of $18.28 every month for a 3-month membership
  • Payment of $22.86 every month

Subscribers can also get the facility of people searches, background verifications, criminal records, reverse phone lookups, email addresses, as well as public records.

Support and assistance

The live customer representatives of PeopleLooker will provide the services for all days a week by means of a toll-free number. The customer support staff of PeopleLooker are known to be friendly and useful as well. Lines will be open from 6 o’clock in the morning to 11:30 PM according to Eastern Standard Time. In case you do not like to talk to somebody over the phone, it will also be possible for you to send an email for getting in touch with customer support.

There is also a blog and a frequently asked questions section on the website of PeopleLooker even though all the information provided happens to be rather basic. While mainly emphasizing lifestyle, this blog is concerned with topics like how to enhance your profile on online dating.

Simplicity of usage

The simple-to-use interface of PeopleLooker along with its commitment to provide a top-quality customer experience helps to make it stand out from the rest. Besides providing Android and iOS apps that can be downloaded for free, these apps also provide extended functionality, unlike the desktop version. It provides the facility of performing email searches too.

The intuitive interface and the attractive design of the website of PeopleLooker will really entice you. Moreover, the search process is quite straightforward. This is because PeopleLooker will provide you with only one way of searching compared to most of the other websites having multiple search options which can become confusing in the long run.

Furthermore, the reports provided by PeopleLooker are also sleek in appearance which will never appear to be overwhelming at all. You can also jump to any particular section of the report since the information has been batched into proper sections.


There is no doubt that PeopleLooker will be appropriate for you in case you happen to be new to people research sites and like to go for something which is reliable, cost-effective, as well as simple. You will not find it difficult to use the service while the attractive design is definitely an added benefit.