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Is Shine com Real Or Fake?

3 is India’s most innovative and fastest-growing job portal. Recruiters and candidates use Shine’s matching technology to find work or interview calls faster, reaching over 3 lakh job vacancies across various industries and domains on its online platform. In addition, they receive updates through the weekly print edition of the Tuesday Job Supplement of Hindustan Times.

Job Vacancies

Shine is India’s fastest-growing and most innovative job portal. It helps candidates find more suitable employment by using its proprietary two-way matching technology to connect candidates with desired job openings quickly. Furthermore, Shine provides job seekers with valuable resources and career advice and offers premium services such as resume writing and profile boosting for an additional fee.

Search jobs based on categories, locations, and critical factors such as salary preferences. Furthermore, this app notifies you when recruiters view your profile.

Shine offers numerous positions available to both experienced and new professionals alike. Responsibilities may range from administrative to creative tasks – managing student data and contracts for Shine classes, workshops, and camps and working alongside the Director on ongoing outreach and marketing projects are just some of the duties involved in these roles.

Shine’s website makes applying to their various vacancies simple, and once submitted; you’ll receive an interview call from their recruiter. You can start your new career with them based on your expertise and experience. They pay you accordingly!


Shine is one of the fastest-growing job portals in India. It matches candidates to jobs based on their preferences and skillset. In addition, this portal features an innovative feature allowing recruiters to view a candidate’s personal and social networks quickly to identify suitable candidates.

Shine has a mobile app to simplify searching for Sarkari Naukri jobs and create free alerts for sales and marketing jobs, computer operator jobs, graphic designer jobs, Tele-calling jobs, and more! In addition, Grammarly allows users to check email tone for free! Grammarly’s free tone check service makes Grammarly an indispensable resource for job hunters; however, some individuals have reported that Shine may be fraudulent by asking for money.


As job applications increase in competition with each other, candidates may go to any lengths necessary to distinguish themselves. They may lie about their education, experience, or skills to secure employment. People may even create completely fabricated resumes with references to ensure interviews. According to a survey by StandOutCV, 55% of American workers have lied on at least one job application at some point during their career. As a hiring manager, being wary of signs that could indicate a false resume is crucial. Some red flags include unexplained gaps in employment or unsubstantiated claims of technical proficiency or periods of self-employment without listed clients; additionally, candidates requesting lower than market salaries should raise suspicions.

Apart from these obvious red flags, be wary of how candidates present their resumes. For instance, an impressive list of technologies without links on social media may indicate they’ve made up these technologies themselves. You should also be wary of resumes with numerous buzzwords; applicant tracking systems (ATSs) typically filter out resumes that contain too many keywords; candidates who use more keywords may be padding their application documents to avoid getting rejected by ATS systems.

Similarly, if you’re uncertain of an applicant’s credibility, consider conducting a behavioral interview. In such an interview, you can probe deeper into their background by asking specific questions regarding education, work history, and technical skills that will allow you to identify any discrepancies. Furthermore, ask for references or LinkedIn profiles of each candidate so you can verify what was stated on their resumes.

Lying on a resume may not be illegal, but it’s unethical. While telling small lies during a job application is entirely acceptable, some candidates go too far by using services to fabricate experience, alter resumes to defeat applicant tracking systems (ATS) software and even get fake references – which, while not illegal, makes the hiring process unfair for honest candidates.


Shine makes payments simple. All that’s required to start using it is having access to either a credit or debit card linked with PayPal and an active email address – details for which can be found within your Account Settings. With these in place, payments can start being made.

Payments made through the Service may be subject to applicable taxes unless otherwise specified. All fees are non-refundable, and you must maintain account security by keeping track of your password; one person or legal entity cannot own multiple accounts at once.

If you violate any of the terms and conditions, 911 Shine reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your account – with all potential commissions forfeited and relinquished from your account. Furthermore, 911 Shine reserves the right to close down accounts using fraudulent, illegal, or aggressive promotional techniques to promote its Programs.

Returns of eligible merchandise purchased within 15 days with the sales receipt and tags attached are accepted; certain products, such as edibles, sale items, and goods processed for insurance, cannot be returned.