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Is World of Warcraft Too Easy?


Online games have become far too easy to enjoy over the last decade, and Wow is no exception. Do you remember when you were required to participate in the game plan or use your brain to fix mysteries in games?

Take the Final Fantasy series as an example. Final Fantasy 1 provided almost no direction and kept people guessing and calculating stuff out on their own. Ultimate Fantasy 3 presented unique challenges. Final Fantasy several was a lot easier but had some challenges within it. Final Fantasy 10 quite simply played itself out being a movie as people performing the game sat and saw cinemas with limited feedback required on their part. The item keeps getting more accessible in addition to more straightforward.

In the MMORPG distinctive line of games, let’s start with Everquest, a game I consider coming up with the popularity of MMOs (yes, I recognize there were other games before and through that time).

In Everquest, there were forms of permanent evolution, no voice chat, and even more players in a raid (as many as 72). With Everquest, not everyone was eligible to experience a majority of the content and receive superior items amongst players unless they earned the item.

A player might hit the most significant extent level. Still, you don’t automatically go collect unbelievable gear from raids people didn’t earn the right to engage in and then reroll a kosmos and do it again. There was an alternative experience technique where players could group and gain expertise points to apply to their character to improve it.

Players could not immediately access all raid content either; they had to travel several lines of advancement, flagging, and keying. A lot like how WoW started, along with attunements but way harder.

Here is an example of how Everquest expansions worked about progression:

To access the next content rate, players needed to complete tasks that needed anywhere from 1 group of six to full-on raids that were either 54 players or even 72; I forget. However, that’s not the point.

Any gamer first had to earn entry to the zone and then beat the bosses, which were significantly more complex than those in WoW.

The actual bosses at the top were available to elite guilds, and Volvo didn’t feel everyone was allowed to access all of the content and stuff as Blizzard does. Still, Courant likes their money and desires to keep players interested, and that is its most serious catch that’s probably unavoidable.

Top-rated guilds would spend several weeks trying to beat the lower-level sections in Everquest, whereas most of the WoW content from Relief was beaten on my server in a couple of weeks. Guilds throughout Everquest wouldn’t even have usage of those zones in a couple of weeks, let alone be done with it. And so people say Ulduar is nearly here out, and it’s going to be challenging….. right. If Ulduar beats within the first thirty-day period of its release, you may slap me up and give us a call, Susy.

Then there is undoubtedly World of Warcraft, no one knows whether it’s a PvP or a PvE game, and when they stabilize classes for one, they clutter the other up; there should be 2 different versions of the video game, IMO.

Once a player strikes level 80, they not necessarily required to get any more encounters; the worst thing they need to do is farm popularity which took me 7 days to get exalted with Pièce Crusade, Knights of Ebon Blade, Kirin’Tor, and Wyrmrest Accord.

Then there are part factions with daily missions, like Sons of Hodir, but now they make the bridal parties that can be purchased from the Auction firm. So once the initial search is done, all that’s still left is to go purchase and be done at the exact moment.

Then I took my 85 and got all of their heroic gear, reputation products, and badge gear (220 EOHs), which took every week, DONE.

From there, I linked 10/25 man pick-up categories. Did you know you can get the best armor in the game from 30-man PUGs for Container and Obsidian Sanctum?

And then all that’s still left is Naxxramas and Malygos, which are PUGable, but the ideal items don’t always decrease.

The game is over at this point, and maybe a person is lucky enough not to obtain one of their items drop and may farm it indefinitely; therefore, there’s a purpose to actively playing.

So I just spent per month, and my character is completed. Sorry, I spent five weeks; it took a week associated with casual play to go through 70-80. What would We have accomplished in the Planes associated with Power expansion? I potentially could be flagged to go to Rate 2 content. I’d be working on Alternate Experience simply because improving your character via expertise after max level must have been a requirement for raiding.

Another bad thing World of Warcraft does link to their resistance to letting permanent progression occur in-game is completely null out their previous growth.

They do this by making the new products 2x as powerful and raising the level cap by simply 10. In Everquest, growth raised the level cap by five if there was a raise, added various advancements, and a bunch of brand-new raid content.

When guilds progressed, they couldn’t get started in the new expansion without farming some of the items through the old ones. Our raid schedules often consisted of raiding the latest 3 expansions simply because upgrades could be found in every one of them; there were only minor raises in gear from growth to expansion.

Sure, the most recent expansion had the best equipment, but the older expansions experienced good and usable gear in the new growth.

Imagine how fun the overall game would be for new players if they raid Molten Core, Attach Hyjal, and Naxxramas while collecting gear that would be good, i.e., Molten Primary epics would still be much better than Heroic 5-man equipment.

In summary, most of us aren’t stunted enough in real life and go to games for complex tasks. The games are no longer complicated, and everything is given to us, like welfare. Everybody has the same opportunities throughout the game, regardless of how much effort they put into it.

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