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Kato Jeans Review


Kato is a denim brand that seeks to honor the go-to white tee, perfectly worn jeans and looks that feel unique to you. They make these pieces using a lot of care for each step in the process, from design to manufacturing.

KATO’s signature 4Way Stretch Selvedge denim is made in Japan on vintage shuttle looms and shipped to their workshop in Los Angeles. It’s the perfect recipe for a pair of premium selvage denim that will be comfortable, durable and fade beautifully over time.

Made in the USA

For a product to be called “Made in the USA,” it must meet specific criteria laid out by the FTC. The label is meant to evoke patriotism, carry an unspoken promise of quality, and provide consumers with a sense of job security for American workers.

However, it is much more complicated and harder to define than many think. The Federal Trade Commission’s Enforcement Policy Statement states that to make an unqualified “Made in USA” claim, the manufacturer or marketer must rely on competent and reliable evidence.

KATO uses premium Japanese selvage denim that is weaved by one of the oldest denim mills in Japan. It’s then mixed with 4-Way Stretch material developed at the same mill to create a specific amount of stretch and comfort you won’t find with traditional selvage jeans.

KATO’s Made in the USA garments evolve with you as you wear them, becoming yours distinctively over time. This makes them as timeless as your style personality, and you can appreciate them globally – from uptown to coastal or rural.

4Way Stretch Selvedge Denim

Hiroshi Kato combines Japanese thread, authentic 4Way Stretch Selvedge denim, and traditional craftsmanship to create premium, classic blue jeans. Designed for comfort and style, KATO’s jeans evolve with you as you wear them, becoming yours distinctively.

In addition to their authentic selvage, KATO’s jeans offer a proprietary 2% stretch in the warp and weft, ensuring that your jean fits right out of the box- virtually no break-in period!

KATO’s selvage is sourced from Japan’s Kaihara Mill, where a combination of rope-dying and shuttle-loom weaving processes produces a unique fabric with a strong character.

KATO’s 4-way stretch selvage jeans are made using Japanese fabrics in their Los Angeles factory, where they go through a months-long process of cutting, sewing, testing, and washing. The results are a pair of authentic, durable and comfortable raw selvage denim jeans that you will continue to love as time goes on!

Made in Japan

Hiroshi Kato has been a part of Japan’s denim culture for over 30 years. He has studied and scrutinized countless vintage pieces (mainly used Levi’s), which helped him develop his passion for fabrics and design.

KATO Jeans are woven using premium 14 oz Japanese selvage denim crafted from 4 Way Stretch material. This process creates a special amount of stretch and comfort you wouldn’t usually get with selvage denim.

This 360-degree stretch makes this a great pair to wear regardless of activity. It also breaks in nicely to become a unique personal fit over time.

KATO’s signature 4-Way Stretch Selvedge denim is woven in Japan on vintage shuttle looms and brought to their workshop in Los Angeles, where they go through a 2 to the 3-month process of cutting, sewing, washing, and testing. This makes their jeans more comfortable and looks their best from the first wear.

Made in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been a hub for garment production, churning out clothes for global brands. But a combination of new labor legislation and rising costs threaten the future of American manufacturing.

In California, for instance, a year-old law known as the Garment Worker Protection Act makes fashion brands liable for wages paid to workers by suppliers. If a Los Angeles zipper maker, for example, is found to be avoiding overtime pay rules, a brand selling a pair of pants with that company’s zipper could face an unpaid wage claim from the worker who made it.

With all this in mind, KATO’s Nick wanted to create denim that looks good and feels comfortable. He sourced Japanese raw selvage denim from Kaihara Mills, then combined it with 4-Way stretch material to get the perfect balance of comfort and style. The result is a pair of jeans that looks great and feels like you’ve been wearing them for years.