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Know the best and top 10 laptops worldwide!

top 10 laptops


The laptop is something that every professional needs nowadays! Most people prefer laptops rather than desktops. There are different branded laptops available worldwide. If you are traveling the world due to work purposes or you are a freelancer and looking for the best laptop which supports worldwide then this article Is just for you! Here you will identify the top 10 laptops details. Check and select the best type of laptop as per your need.


 Apple is one of the most luxurious and top brands in the laptop industry. This brand got the number one rank worldwide. Most people worldwide prefer apple because it build always quality products and they also offer strong customer care service. They offer user-friendly products, the best design, the best security, and power and display!

top 10 laptops
top 10 laptops


 HP which is also known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest electrical brands and they are very popular worldwide. They are offering exclusive designing, high-quality laptops for their users. They also offer the best price and strong customer care support. They also offer up to 5 years of warranty.


 This is a Beijing-based global electronic brand and the laptop of this company always creates a good impact on the international market. Lenovo always sells premium laptop brands and they manufacturing not only laptops but desktops, smartphones, tablets, displays, and other electrical parts. They have a global market of almost 25 percent. Their product is also user-friendly and provides strong customer care service.


 If you are looking for the best windows laptop then Dell is the famous one. It offers always the best professional design and they offer all the time quality products. They also offer strong customer care service and they offer innovative design and ultra-portable mode. They have a global 17% market share and they also sell their product with 30 days return policy!


 This is another top laptop manufacturing company and they provide a quality product. Whether you need the laptop for professional or personal use, they offer the best value for money, and its durable and long-lasting. They also offer strong customer care service. They have an extensive product range and affordable devices as well.


 If you compare it with other laptop brands, Asus is always an affordable brand that anyone can consume. They offer different types of laptop designs, styles, and price ranges as well. They offer a full HD display and over 4 hours of battery life. They also offer strong after-sale service. For a professional gamer, this brand is the best choice. They have introduced in the market some of the popular best laptop brands.


 This is one of the best brands for gaming. For people who love the game, this laptop brand is the best option. When it comes to design, they offer the best design all the time. They also provide the best customer support and offer 24*7 services. This laptop has massive processing power and they also provide the best quality. They install unique sensors and trackers as well.

top 10 laptops
top 10 laptops

Microsoft Surface

 This is American based company and they develop and manufacturing laptops since 2012. They always offer their customers class-leading hardware and 99 percent reliability claims. They also offer their people the best battery life and they also offer 90 days of technical support all the time.


 This is coming with unique features and they are the best for the gaming laptop manufacturing process. They offer world-class graphics for game lovers and provide high-quality game-playing performances! This company never create laptop for general use. They already manufacture some of the best gaming laptops. They also offer the best technical support team.


 Samsung also has the best laptops in the market but they don’t have a very large customer base till now! Though this is a very popular brand in terms of phones, smart phones, tablets, etc. This is a Korean company and this company always offers slim gadgets. They also offer a decent set of specifications. The gaming lineup performs as per expectations.

Choose the best type of laptop as per your need. For a professional approach, Mac book or HP is always a good brand. But the rest brands are also popular and they have global well fame. Choose the best type of brand as per your need.