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Making it through the Foreclosure Process


The information here is all about the US mortgage real estate foreclosure process, as opposed to the foreclosure course of action in other countries, nor even property or home tax foreclosures.

Since I dealt with a very ugly home mortgage real estate foreclosure, I figured I could offer my story for this page and see if I can assist anyone else in America that could be living with the same tragic story I have.

First, I want to point out that many states in the US have pretty different foreclosure procedures, and I am only sure about the foreclosure procedures in Ca. However, I won’t mention anything specific to California legislation, so this page can help you no matter which state you reside in.

What I did Wrong:

We let my credit card and medical bills grow uncontrollably until I could no longer pay my mortgage payments. I was making what I thought was sufficient money, and I even began with a respectable credit record. Therefore I confidently told myself that I could catch back up, justifying that it was not a bad issue.

What made it worse:

As soon as I got to the point where I would sometimes be making a mortgage payment or maybe buying groceries the next month, I did precisely what good Americans are ordered to do, turn to this bank and refinance a loan.

The interest rates on this brand-new loan were a little superior to my existing one (1. 5% lower), so I quickly justified to myself I would be better off, giving up fundamentally all of the money earned within my home to be able to make more compact payments.


These kinds of new payments were not smaller, despite their first appearances. For anybody aware of the property prices in California close to 2004, you will be able to suppose how huge my obligations were, even their most minor.

In only Six rapid months, I got right where I started before being re-financing, save that I had no equity in my home anymore. -Just the best way my lender wanted the item.

With no other bright thoughts, I began sending in a somewhat payment size than the lowest. I mailed them a few half-sized payments, and the standard bank didn’t seem concerned. Many people didn’t do anything outside the usual routine, adding past due charges. In their records, this kind of smaller-than-usual payments ended up recorded as no repayment, despite them receiving the money, of course.

I then produced the 3rd payment in full, yet my record of obligations indicated that it just traveled towards the 1st missed repayment and a few late fees. I got not on my way to be able to catch up like this.

In late the 4th month, while the bank records I included missed three whole installments, I received the horrible “Notice of Default” in my mailbox.

What happens during the home foreclosure

The Notice of Normal, the letter sent to your county on official status letterhead, & also filed away at your county courthouse and shown to real estate investors everywhere, will be the official beginning of the foreclosure method. Sending in a single payment check out after getting your notice regarding default does NOT make the property foreclosure process go away; that only halts when you get fully involved and up to date, including all fees.

In other Us states and Europe, the period between missing the initial payment and getting the Detect of Default letter is usually just as short as I’ve genuinely said here or providing six months. Still, it always produces getting that horrible notification and then watching your cellphone start ringing off the fishing hook.

This is where it starts getting hectic. Real estate investors contacted me daily to offer a little money for my home. -Not much, mind you, simply enough to pay off my mortgage loan note, but not one more.

I could have gotten out free and straightforward without a horrible foreclosure scar on my credit record if I had obtained their offer. But I guess my satisfaction wouldn’t let me take the cash and run.

To be frank. I also had a professional case of denial. If you told me that only two % of people who get their Notice associated with Default get caught upward again, I would have answered that I was SURE I had created be in the two percent.

To create a long story shorter, I used to be not. That denial episode was my Achilles’ rear foot. As was my brainless, manly pride.

For a few months, I worked challenging to borrow enough money for you to catch up again, surviving on nothing else but macaroni and cheese for two dinners every day and even joining the school carpool to save gasoline.

While inside the See of Default stage, generating my house payments seems to have also been useless. Doing so merely had the effect of buying an amount of time… While the fees piled up higher and higher.

Then one scary day, they were too large. As I looked into the “Notice of Trustee’s Sale” letter, I saw some reason. The actual letter told me (and every investor in the country, since it had been filed at the county court house too) that I had sixty days to pay, IN FULL, or even be kicked out!

Absolutely no, not paying my present bill in full back to wherever it should have been… But to spend the ENTIRE MORTGAGE off ultimately!

The Bank wanted the house for themselves. I figure it is much more valuable to them to sell this to someone else than allow me to keep making (albeit never enough) payments on it.

Seeing that I have to cough up many tens of thousands of dollars in dollars within 60 days woke me up a bit… While I’m sure you can imagine.

Nonetheless, whereas the Notice involving Default told all the shareholders to begin calling my house, typically, the Notice of Trustee’s good discounts seemed to have the opposite influence! Now that I owed this lender in full, investors ended calling & I was still left with very few options.

My spouse and I later discovered that they halted calling because this was the most costly time for them to purchase the house. They were better off waiting till the sale and getting it smaller at auction.

One other choice I considered was to seek bankruptcy relief. I talked with a personal bankruptcy lawyer, and the list of nets I had to jump to file bankruptcy and keep the house was so long that I realized I’d rather lose the home. I’d be forced to stock everything I own, quit everything they wanted, but still make payments to this mortgage company, the surfaces, and then the lawyers, too! Trading one hefty invoice for three smaller bills wasn’t the solution I was looking for.

I do not know if the foreclosures procedures in your state will offer you precisely 60 times from the notice of trustee’s sale too, but in this case, it went by rapidly. Exactly 60 days later on, I left behind that home forever!

At least during this uncomfortable period, I could (thankfully) quit paying the lender altogether and save my remaining money for rent at a nearby residence.

Word to the wise: Use the apartment you want within one week of getting your Observe of Trustees’ sale. Simply because your credit report will be ruined entirely soon after that!

I did not implement it in time, so when I eventually did, I was told that my credit score was excessively low. No desirable condo in town would have me.

The good news is I had a friend who happened to run an apartment complex and let us move in without a credit check. I don’t know where I’d always be if he hadn’t stepped in then.

At any rate, after about two weeks of getting the Notice of Trustee’s sale letter, my residence’s Auction was listed in numerous local newspapers… And then in which horrible, a horrible sign went up in my front yard!

Without a doubt, there are few things in every area of your life as difficult to go through because of putting up with that foreclosure purchase sign in your yard… This giant beacon tells all your neighbors, and everyone passing through too, that a complete failing lives inside this home!

I spent most of the last weeks searching anxiously for a place to live, along with a place to store all of the stuff. I even experienced a garage sale to eliminate about half of everything. My partner and I owned it, so I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune storing it.

Last but not least, the day before the trustee’s great deals (auction eve), my neighborhood Sherrif came by my opinion and let me know that it was time to go. With an Assure in one hand and the difference resting on his pistol, My partner and I didn’t argue.

I wasn’t completely ready yet, but out there I went. There were continue too many boxes, my freezer, and my bed inside, but I was ordered to leave the premises immediately.

A moving company was available from the sheriff’s department. Their particular big trucks came within just hours and threw each of the remaining stuff into the back of these trucks, and I didn’t perhaps see it for a week until it eventually was delivered to me, a little battered… With a beefy-sized monthly bill for doing it, of course.

A single day of the sale came an addition to went, and I was instructed that my lender stored the house, not selling the item at auction because there was a lack of bidders. Of course, no one wanted the condo in the first place.

For 12 months, the house sat there using a for sale sign on the lawn and a price tag too high inside a down-turning market. Finally, the financial institution cut its price properly under what I owed into it and sold it to have it off their ebooks.

I know that they would have produced much more money by allowing me to stay, but I had presented them a reason to believe I always might not pay what I was supposed to be paid, at least not on time.

So now I am a few years older in addition to wiser, and my credit standing is so low that I still cannot get a loan for real estate gum. I’m told it could easily stay that low for the entire decade. So until then, I’ll be living in second-rate apartments and, luckily, driving the same old car.

The most detrimental thing now really is having less freedom. I may be used to it now, but I feel like a second-class person who isn’t allowed to adhere to his dreams here in the particular “land of opportunity. inches

If I want to start a company or do anything that needs a look at my credit record, Soon we will be told “no” instantly.

The results

So, dear reader, I hope you have found something through my story to take along with you. I feel that mortgages are always a horrible deal as well. If you finish spending money on your mortgage, you can be foreclosed on for not paying your taxes on the property beneath it. -And so will your sons or daughters, and theirs too. Property or home tax foreclosures take a little longer, and the amounts usually are not as high, but they nonetheless happen to 60 people daily in America.

So the lesson during? Get used to apartment life to have your credit record spotless. Remaining in the Mortgage foreclosure course of action was the worst thing ever happened to me, plus some days I wish I did not survive it at all.

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