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Mindfulness meditation has become a widely practiced activity over the last few years, though its origins can be traced centuries ago. Focused on drawing attention to the present moment, its objective is to maintain focus.

Research suggests that mindfulness could help rebalance an individual’s immune system. A recent study discovered that women who practiced meditation were less affected by hot flashes and night sweats compared to those who didn’t meditate regularly.

Psychiatric Services

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and managing emotional, behavioral, and mental illnesses. Psychiatrists may prescribe psychotherapists and medications to help their patients overcome any obstacles; this focus often includes looking into relationships between physical and psychological symptoms, as these could overlap.

Adult ADHD can have devastating repercussions on the lives of those affected. Many don’t recognize they have it or know how to control symptoms without treatment; Mindful Health Solutions offers evidence-based and clinically validated methods to diagnose and treat adult ADHD effectively.

This monthly journal is aimed at clinicians and other professionals working in behavioral health to provide better care to people suffering from mental illness or living difficulties. The publication contains articles and features detailing recent advances, research reports, best practices, and policy issues, as well as articles written by various professional disciplines – psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, as well as others in related systems such as drug and alcohol treatment programs – in their fields.

Psychiatric Services of North Texas is committed to offering students short-term, goal-focused individual counseling and supporting psychiatric monitoring and medications. Psychiatric services at the Student Health Center are provided in collaboration with medical clinicians, Counseling and Psychological Services staff, and their student’s primary mental health provider (if applicable). Psychiatric Services also provides consultation and support for the Adult Mood Program. This outpatient multidisciplinary therapy integrates three evidence-based psychotherapies: interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and behavioral activation. Through regional Psychiatric Services partner providers, MMHS also delivers mental health psychotherapeutic services directly into residential communities and long-term care facilities.

Medication Management

Medication management ensures patients take their prescribed medication at the specified time and in the correct dosage. It also provides that no other drugs, supplements, or over-the-counter remedies could interfere with its effects. Furthermore, medication management prevents drug interactions that could result in unwanted side effects or be potentially dangerous.

Medication therapy management can benefit patients taking multiple medicines for various health issues or diseases. As taking numerous pills can be confusing and even difficult to remember when to take each one, medication therapy management provides an efficient and convenient way of keeping patients on a consistent regimen that ensures the maximum effectiveness of each prescription.

Mindful Health Solutions in Tacoma is offering mental health services holistically. This means they integrate their psychiatric services, such as medication management, with innovative therapy options, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This approach allows them to treat those suffering from treatment-resistant depression or mood disorders more effectively.

Mindful Health Solutions strives to offer patients the best care, whether they visit their office in person or virtually. Their psychiatrists offer in-office appointments and virtual consultations, providing flexibility in meeting client needs from across Washington state. Plus, most insurance plans are accepted, so it’s easier than ever for patients to obtain help when necessary.

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Psychotherapy can assist people in dealing with emotional difficulties of all sorts. It can reduce symptoms like anxiety and depression while eliminating or at least lessening conflicts that cause distress; additionally, it can improve relationships by helping one become more open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Further, it may even address addictions or eating disorders.

Psychotherapy comes in various forms, each with its advantages and disadvantages. While some approaches aim to relieve symptoms or address overt behavior and cognition directly, others seek to modify personality development or emotional well-being. One popular type of psychotherapy method is dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which teaches new skills that help regulate emotions more effectively; psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies focus on subconscious feelings and behaviors that need addressing.

Mindful Health Solutions offers in-person and virtual psychiatric services and recently expanded its Huddle Care mental health program to provide group therapy as part of its psychotherapy offerings. Cigna insurance clients currently benefit from Huddle Care sessions; plans are underway to make the program in-network with other insurers.

Mindful Health Solutions offers an expansive array of cutting-edge psychiatric services. Their psychiatrists can treat conditions, including depression and anxiety, that have become treatment-resistant, prescribe medications to address bipolar disorder ADHD symptoms and provide transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which stimulates nerve cells with magnetic fields to treat depression alongside psychotherapy or medication treatments.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an FDA-approved method of treating treatment-resistant depression (TRD), is a non-invasive procedure which sends electromagnetic pulses directly to areas of the brain associated with mood regulation, providing a soothing sensation and helping patients find relief from their symptoms.

TMS is safe and effective in numerous clinical studies, such as the landmark placebo-controlled STAR study. Results of the STAR study demonstrated that TMS was significantly more effective than placebo at alleviating depressive symptoms; moreover, its improvements proved long-lasting.

Mindful Health Solutions recently expanded its TMS services to address cognitive impairment and central neuropathic pain. It became one of the first practices nationwide to offer Deep TMS, an electromagnetic field treatment that uses proprietary H-Coil technology to penetrate further into the brain than traditional TMS. Deep TMS is beneficial for treating chronic pain syndromes such as central neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches.

TMS for anxiety treatment can provide invaluable help by modulating nerve cell activity in the area of the brain responsible for anxiety. This allows patients to decrease symptoms while improving psychotherapy effectiveness.

Mindful Health Solutions CEO Priyanka Muir recognizes TMS as an integral component of their strategy as they expand into an innovative behavioral practice with an eye toward innovation. She cautions that TMS may not suit everyone; some health plans may refuse to grant clearance. Furthermore, offering this service line comes with significant overhead as an office, device, and trained clinicians are necessary.


Telepsychiatry is an innovative branch of telemedicine that allows patients to meet with their psychiatrist or therapist online, similar to a meeting in person; medication, therapy, and counseling services can all be accessed securely over a video call from anywhere from their computer, phone, or tablet.

Research suggests that most patients feel at ease when participating in counseling or therapy sessions online, with many feeling comfortable enough to do so without hesitation. It is essential to remember that these sessions remain private and confidential, requiring patients to prepare as if attending in-person appointments by gathering any pertinent material and compiling a list of questions.

Telepsychiatry offers patients both time and financial savings. By eliminating travel time for appointments, patients can dedicate more time and energy towards working on their mental health rather than commuting costs. Furthermore, the prices for these services may be lower due to lower infrastructure expenses.

Telepsychiatry saves time and money and can significantly decrease missed appointments by eliminating traffic issues or scheduling difficulties preventing patients from attending in-person meetings. Telepsychiatry can be especially helpful for patients battling mental health conditions that increase anxiety or depression.

Telepsychiatry offers a great way to ensure all patients can access quality mental healthcare regardless of location or budget, regardless of location, or ability to pay in-person care costs. Finding a qualified provider such as Mindful Health Solutions to offer Telepsychiatry services should be the next step – they have you covered!