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Moto G Power Review: Your Best Guide


In today’s Moto G power review, I will quickly guide you to decide either it’s good and worth it or not, let’s get started.

Motorola’s G-series has long been a safe option for those looking for a low-cost phone, but that may be changing. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G and the TCL 10L have provided tough competition over the last year.

Motorola’s 2021 Moto G Power ($249.99) not only falls behind the competition, but also its predecessor, with a lower-resolution display, a degraded modem, and an out-of-date version of Android.

The flat-screen of the G Power is surrounded by a plastic frame and rear panel. Our review device is grey with a faint semicircular design that nearly looks like a big fingerprint, which is appropriate given how easily it collects fingerprints and smudges.

There are also blue and silver versions.

Moto G Power Review: The phone’s front panel features a 6.6-inch, 1,600-by-720-pixel hole-punch LCD. Although the new G Power’s panel is somewhat larger than last year’s 1080p display, the reduced quality means you’re missing out.

Moto G Power Review

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The fingerprint sensor is built inside the power button on the phone’s right side, just below the volume rocker. Though the sensor is quick and simple to use, the volume rocker may be difficult for those with tiny hands to reach.

So, if it comes to the screen, we can say it’s decent.

Moto G Power Review: Availability and Price

-Despite the availability of the newer Moto G Power (2021), the 2020 version of the Moto G Power is still accessible at shops and carriers.

Google Fi, for example, still sells this model of Moto G Power, although at a significant discount from its normal price of $249. Unlocked phones are also available via Motorola and shops like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

If you do decide to go with the 2020 Moto G Power, make sure you get a good deal on it. Not only does the Moto G Power (2021) cost the same as this phone, but there is also a $199 version of the newer model with less RAM.

Moto G Power Review: The Cameras

Moto G Power Review: Consider how inconceivable it was just a few years ago to put more than one camera on a low-cost phone. Motorola has installed three lenses on the rear of the Moto G Power these days.

While they won’t create images that rival the latest iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 models, the Moto G Power cameras are competitive with the finest budget photographers — so much so that we put the Moto G Power among the best camera phones at one time.

It’s difficult to find a phone with a better camera for under $300, however, the Moto G Power (2021) tries with a more powerful primary lens.

The Moto G Power Review also has a Cinemograph function that allows you to choose which portions of a still image can have movement, thus turning your photos into GIFs.

I was quite taken with this shot of my wife pouring a glass of wine — and you can see the liquid pouring — until I saw the vase in the backdrop was also pulsating. What exactly was in the wine?

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Is the performance of Moto G power good?

Moto G Power Review: I had no issues using the Moto G Power to navigate between apps, surf the web, and perform other basic things that you’d expect a smartphone to manage.

Despite a few choppy moments here and there, the demanding PUBG Mobile shooter performed admirably on the Moto G Power. You can find higher-performing phones than Moto G Power, but you’ll have to pay a premium for the extra performance.