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Often the Tricky Issue of Copy Content & What Yahoo and google Says About It


Being a fully committed online marketer means you have to carefully watch how Google is rank pages on the web… one lot more concern is the whole concern of duplicate content. More to the point, how does having duplicate articles on your own site and on other’s sites, affect your key phrase rankings in Google and the additional search engines?

Now, recently it would appear that Google is much more open concerning just how it ranks articles. I say “seems” because together with Google there are years and years of mistrust when it comes to how they deal with content and webmasters. Google’s whole “do as I say” attitude leaves a sour taste on most webmasters’ lips. So much so, that many have had sufficient of Google’s attitude along with ignoring what Google and the pundits say altogether.

This might be very emotionally fulfilling, nevertheless is it the right route or maybe the attitude to take? Probably not!

Since, regardless of whether you love or loathe Google, there’s no denying they can be the King of online look and you must play by simply their rules or abandon a lot of serious online profits on the table. Now, for this major keyword content/pages, a good loss of just a few places from the rankings can mean I reduce hundreds of dollars in day-to-day commissions, so anything impacting my rankings obviously receive my immediate attention.

Hence the whole tricky issue involving duplicate content has brought on me some concern u have made an ongoing mental notice to myself to find out everything I can about it. I am primarily worried about my content becoming ranked lower because the search engines like google think it is duplicate content as well as penalizes it.

My scenario is compounded by the undeniable fact that I am heavily into article promotion – the same articles are presented on hundreds, on some occasions thousands of sites across the internet. Naturally, I am worried these types of articles will dilute or even lower my rankings instead of accomplishing their intended reason for getting higher rankings.

We try to vary the spine text/keyword link in the useful resource boxes of these articles. My spouse and I don’t use the same keyword phrase continuously, as I am nearly 00% positive Google has a “keyword use” quota – do the same keyword phrase too often plus your highly linked content is going to be lowered around 50 or maybe 60 places, basically having it out of the search results. Had the experience, done that!

I possibly like submitting unique content to certain popular websites so only that website has the article, thus removing the whole duplicate content problem. This also makes for a great SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION strategy, especially for beginning internet marketers, your own site will take a while to get to a PR6 or even PR7, but you can place your articles and links on higher PR7 or PR8 expert sites immediately. This will receive quality traffic and help your personal site get established.

Yet another way I combat this issue is to use a 301 re-direct to ensure that traffic and PageRank move to the URL I want to be placed. You can also use your Google Website Tool account to show which often version of your site you need to be ranked or featured: without or with the “w w w”.

The whole reason for doing any kind of this has to do with PageRank drink – you want to pass along this kind of ranking juice to the correct page or content. This will raise your rankings, particularly on Google.

Thankfully, there is the quite recent “canonical tag” you can use in order to the search engines this is the page/content you need to be featured or ranked. Only add this meta hyperlink tag to your content that you want to be ranked or showcased, as in the example provided below:

link rel=”canonical” href=”place your selected link here”

Anyway, this particular whole duplicate issue has its faces and sides, therefore I like going directly to Search engines for my information. Encounter has shown me that Search engines don’t always give you the complete money, but for the most component, you can follow what they state. Lately, over the last year or so, Search engines seem to have made a major insurance policy change and are telling web owners a lot more information on how they (Google) rank their index.

Next time you’re concerned or enthusiastic about finding out more about duplicate written content and what Google says over it try these helpful backlinks. The first one is a very informative online video on the subject entitled “Duplicate Written content & Multiple Site Issues” which is presented by Greg Grothaus who works intended for Google.

Another great URL is this page from Yahoo Webmasters Support Answers by simply Matt Cutts. It has a wide range of helpful information, including a video about the Canonical Link Element. Really located here:

In yet another post, Matt Cutts discusses the related problem of content scraping as well as advises webmasters not to be worried about it. This is a slightly different issue, other webmasters and unmentionables may use software to clean your site and place your content on the site. This has happened in my experience, countless times, including any time my content has been diminished to scrambled non-sense. Cutts says not to worry about this kind of matter as Google usually can tell the original source of the information. In fact, having links with this duplicate content may just support your rankings on Google.

“There are some people who really loathe scrapers and try to crack on them and try to get everyone deleted or kicked off of their web host, ” affirms Cutts. “I tend to be the kind of person who doesn’t genuinely worry about it, because the substantial, vast, vast majority of the time, it will likely be you that comes up, not really the scraper. If the man is scraping and scratches the content that has a link to a person, he’s linking to you, therefore worst case, it won’t harm, but in some weird instances, it might actually help slightly. ”

As a full-time internet marketer, I am not so easily persuaded, I mainly have pushing concerns about my unethical competition using these scrapings as well as duplicate content to weaken one’s rankings in Google by means of triggering some keyword unsolicited mail filter. Whether in fact that actually happens, only Yahoo or google knows for sure, but it is another indication, despite the incredibly detailed and helpful information presented above, duplicate content along with the issues surrounding it, will probably still present serious fears for online marketers and internet marketers in the future.

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