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Payback Ltd Review – Money Lost to Crypto Scams Can Be Recovered!


In a recent official report by authorities, it was revealed that over 50% of all scams that occur on social media platforms are related to the crypto industry. Payback Ltd is a company that can help victims of such scams to recover their money.

Just a decade ago, many believed that the crypto industry will bring only good things to the financial world and turn everything into a thriving Garden of Eden where we all can use decentralized currencies and be completely independent of greedy banks. However, it did not come to fruition for many reasons. One of them is the proliferation of scammers who quickly figured out how to capitalize on the hype surrounding crypto. To discover more, keep reading our Payback Ltd review.

Why are there so many crypto scammers?

Payback Ltd has been working in this domain for quite a while and identified several reasons why people fall victim to scammers operating in the confines of this still-emerging industry:

People are driven by fear of missing out (FOMO) and want to get on the next hype train quicker than others remembering the triumphant rise to the success experienced by early Bitcoin adopters. It means that many people who do not know much about cryptocurrencies start investing in questionable or outright fraudulent companies and projects.

Investors do not have sufficient information about the intricacies and nuances of investing in crypto. It takes a lot of time to learn everything there is to learn about the crypto industry. At the same time, the existing pool of knowledge is regularly updated by new emerging platforms and projects. You can never have enough data on the market and its participants which exposes you to scammers who may pose as representatives of new teams in the industry.

It is too easy to create a new digital asset. Many scammers are using elaborate schemes involving minting their own NFTs, copying existing blockchain projects, or simply issuing their ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. These are actual digital assets that can be, technically, traded and exchanged. However, these projects are only created for Ponzi schemes, pump&dump, or scamming.

How can Payback Ltd catch scammers and make them pay?

All clients who come to Payback Ltd are greeted by a personal manager who will assess your story and start interviewing them to collect as much information as possible before estimating a preliminary quote based on how much work will be done before scammers are found. If a client agrees to continue, the process will start with building evidence.

  • Payback Ltd has experienced investigators who will collect all relevant documents to create a solid foundation for future discoveries.
  • The team will use evidence to track down scammers as quickly as possible and contact them upon identifying their real names and credentials.
  • Payback Ltd will negotiate on your behalf with scammers to find a compromise that allows you to recover lost money at least partially without paying for legal counsel.

Many scammers do not have any prior experience with facing the consequences and will quickly give in if threatened with lawsuits and legal pursuits. While they may not be able to pay back everything, they will return at least a sizeable portion of what they stole. If the recovered sum is enough for a client, Payback Ltd proceeds to collect funds and pay them to you.

Usually, the price of the service is small compared to how much money you can recover. At the same time, you can even agree to pay a cut of recovered funds if you do not like paying a flat fee.


Payback Ltd is a highly reliable money recovery service that focuses on helping people who lost money to crypto scammers. The company has an excellent track record, hundreds of positive reviews, and a team of experienced professionals who know how to track anyone on the internet. With relatively low prices, dedication, and expertise, this company is one of the best in the industry!

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