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Places to Visit When Renting a Boat in Malta


Malta’s coastline features stunning bays and caves, making boat rental an excellent way to see this island in style and comfort. What do you consider about boat hire malta.

Everyone wants to visit Comino’s Blue Lagoon, but its turquoise water and sandy beaches can get overrun with tour boats and private small boats. Consider these lesser-known spots instead for an enjoyable sea adventure:


Valletta is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, yet it packs an enormous punch. Packed full of history and beauty—including art collections, architecture, grand old palaces, churches, and impressive fortifications—you can gain an appreciation of Malta’s 7000-year history here and be inspired by its citizens’ resilience and perseverance.

Recently, Malta has seen significant revitalization efforts, and many of its historic sites have been restored or redesigned, such as Renzo Piano’s magnificent City Gate and Parliament Building. A visit to the City Gate Museum is highly recommended to learn more about Malta’s past through its displays.

Valletta’s Grand Harbor is an exquisite natural harbor at the very center of the city. Here, visitors can discover hidden coves and swim in crystal-clear waters. Additionally, this natural harbor serves as a convenient starting point to discover Gozo – an idyllic island filled with charming villages and beaches; or sail out towards Comino, where lies the world-famous Blue Lagoon.


Marsaskala, situated along Malta’s southeastern coast, is an idyllic seaside town that exudes charm and serenity. The name derives from Arabic and Italian words meaning harbor (Marsa) and landing place (Skala). This breathtaking seaside village offers tranquility, stunning views, and friendly hospitality, making it the ideal spot for relaxing vacations—plus, it boasts some of the best beaches!

St. Thomas Bay boasts a beautiful sandy beach that is popular with Maltese families looking to spend some time relaxing under the sun. With crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, St. Thomas Bay also features small restaurants and bars where visitors can refresh with drinks from its refreshing drink menus.

Ghar Dalam Cave is another popular tourist attraction in Malta, and it features ancient Paleolithic art. Situated close to the shore, this cave makes an excellent stopover on your exploration tour of this fascinating country. Additionally, renting a car allows for greater flexibility when visiting Malta, giving you access to take in all its sights and sounds at your own pace.

Ghadira Bay

Malta’s stunning beaches and clear waters make it an ideal location for yacht charter holidays. There are bays and anchorages suitable for every taste. Malta’s capital, Valletta, hosts some of Europe’s most important historical landmarks while offering an abundance of restaurants and bars for yachters to visit.

Ghadira Bay, Malta’s largest sandy beach, draws thousands of visitors every summer due to its shallow water, easy accessibility, and numerous snack bars and restaurants nearby. Its Blue Flag certification also makes It an attractive choice.

Malta is best visited between April and November when temperatures are mild, seas are calm, crowds are smaller, and you can have an enjoyable, more relaxing holiday experience. When renting a boat in Malta, be sure to hire one with both skipper and crew – you won’t require a license to operate the vessel, plus your skipper can show you beautiful places you may otherwise miss on your own!

Comino Island

Comino Island in the Mediterranean Sea is famous for its crystal clear waters and picturesque beaches. If you opt for private boat rental rather than mass tourist boats, you’ll have more space for sunbathing while admiring its stunning beauty. Plus, historical landmarks such as Santa Marija Tower and San Niklaw Bay make for additional stops along your voyage!

Explore the Comino Caves on Malta or Gozo as another top activity, making these natural marvels popular with both locals and visitors. Activities available here range from kayaking and snorkeling to cliff jumping. Booking with Yippee Malta outside peak season will result in lower prices and more relaxing experiences; otherwise, there will be too many boats packed together and less interaction between staff members and customers.

Saint Julian’s

St Julian’s (locally known as San Giljan) is an exciting and relaxing vacation town on Malta’s northeastern coast north of Valletta. It is popular among couples and groups of young travelers who seek nightlife entertainment during their trip. The town is home to many new and luxurious hotels as well as various restaurants—many can be found near the Paceville area.

Attracting shoppers, Portomaso features many modern and contemporary buildings as well as its impressive Portomaso district with high-end shops, restaurants, and a yacht marina. A stroll along its promenade at sunset, when street lights reflect off of calm sea waters with picturesque fishermen’s boats in the background, is highly popular among residents and visitors alike.

Visitors to Spinola Bay can also visit the small chapel to take in scenic views over this serene bay. They can also take advantage of one of its three beach areas—Spinola Bay or Balluta Bay for swimming enthusiasts and the more sheltered Balluta Bay, which is suitable for families.