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Pokemon Trading Codes


Players in Pokemon offer various ways to trade. One popular method was described by Austin John Plays, who simplified the exchange of starter and version-exclusive pocket monsters to facilitate filling out regional Pokedexes more efficiently for everyone involved.

His codes allow players to trade Pokemon locally and online, including switching out those with specific moves. But these codes have certain restrictions to consider before their use becomes practical.

Trade Groups

If you and some of your friends are playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet together, chances are trading will become an integral part of the experience. The game features many exclusive Pokemon to the current generation or starters, which must be obtained through trade if players wish to complete their Pokedex. While filling your Pokedex may not be too difficult, finding version exclusive or starter Pokemon can sometimes prove more challenging; YouTuber Austin John Plays established trade codes that connect gamers looking for particular Pokemon with others who possess them.

These codes, known as Link Codes, work similarly to regular Trade Codes but with specific parameters both parties must abide by. To use Link Trade, you must first have Poke Portal open and connected to the internet; alternatively, it can also be used locally without internet connectivity, but that requires different steps. Players can select Link or Surprise Trade before entering a Trade Code that will eventually match up between players; after confirmation, both gamers must confirm and complete the trade transfer, and your Pokemon will transfer over.

The trade code system works by listing the regional dex entry of your Pokemon first. For example, if you are exchanging a Fuecoco for a Sprigatito, enter 00010004 so the other person can see that and pair up with you quickly. It also works if you’re seeking something with an earlier regional dex entry than you already possess.

Keep your regional dex up-to-date, as the Pokemon can lose EVs, move, or evolve depending on its new form. Furthermore, some Pokemon cannot be traded over GTS or Wonder Trade; such Pokemon include Partner Cap Pikachu, Rockruff with Own Tempo, and Dusk Form Lycanroc.

Ideal Codes

Pokemon fans enjoy collecting all available Pokemon to complete their Pokedex, and to do this; they may require trading with other trainers. Unfortunately, without other players actively involved in real-life Pokemon battles, this can be challenging, particularly for players needing version-exclusive Pokemon to complete their Pokedex. The Pokemon community has created a system to make trading for rare creatures easier, using trade codes players can use to locate fellow trainers looking for similar animals quickly. YouTuber Austin John Plays hosts one popular list containing various combinations that trainers can use when hunting version-exclusive Pokemon.

To use trade codes, players must first connect to the internet and have their trainer level high enough to access Los Platos Pokemon Center. Once there, they can open Poke Portal and enter their chosen Pokemon’s code – this will match them up with another trainer who also has it entered in their Trainer profile; these trade codes are standardized so trainers can quickly identify each other when trading with each other and make sure that they’re dealing with the right person!

Fuecoco and Sprigatito share similar entry numbers in Paldea Regional Dex, making them easy for players to locate when searching for them. Austin John Plays lists trade codes sorted by entry number for easy navigation when browsing their database; this makes finding rare Pokemon much faster! Trading between games may also speed up filling your Pokedex.

Reversible Codes

Since the launch of Pokemon games, gamers have relied on one another to help complete their Pokedexes. Over time, this process has become even more accessible thanks to trade codes – unique combinations of letters and numbers that connect players looking for similar pocket monsters. YouTuber Austin John Plays was instrumental in developing this system by issuing regulations for multiple Pokemon games and helping trainers acquire the necessary creatures.

As with previous generations of the Pokemon video game series, recent titles feature version-exclusive pocket monsters that only appear in one version or another of the game. While this can be frustrating for those trying to complete their regional Pokedex, an alternative solution exists – with the creation of reversible codes, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can trade version-exclusive pocket monsters for counterparts in other regions.

Players must be online and visit the Poke Portal to use a trade code. They can select Link Trade and input their Pokemon code when looking for them; eventually, they will be matched up with someone who also entered that same code and can make their trade.

The codes below are set up according to Austin John Plays’ list, providing trainers a better chance of finding what they are searching for. For instance, trading Quaxly for Sprigatito would require using code 00010007. Austin John Plays provided all these codes as part of his service so trainers have every chance at finding what they are seeking!

Once a trade is complete, both players must ensure they possess the appropriate Pokemon in their party. Otherwise, it will fail, and a new code must be obtained – potentially delaying things even further than waiting for their initial trade partner would do.

Special Codes

Pokemon that are meant for specific uses or may be hard to obtain can sometimes come equipped with their trading codes, which usually correspond with famous competitive play or event raid Pokemon. These trade codes enable players who need an otherwise unavailable Pokemon from another player to quickly get what they want without spending hours searching on their own!

One reason people use Pokemon Trading Codes is to help locate version-exclusive Pokemon. Pokemon unique to either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet won’t show up in either title, making it hard for trainers who own both titles to complete their regional Pokedex. Luckily, community members have come together to develop universal trading codes (known as Link Codes), which can be entered into Link Trade to match up players with similar Pokemon preferences.

These eight-digit codes can be entered into the Link Trade screen to connect with other trainers looking for similar Pokemon. Each code represents its designated region and lists which Pokemon will be traded first for ease of trade process; so, for instance, if you were looking to exchange Fuecoco for Sprigatito, the code would be 0001 0004

Trainers looking to use these standard trade codes need both versions of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet active and their internet connection active in-game, then open up the Link Trade screen, input their code, and select Begin Searching on their Link Trade screen – then search for other trainers with similar regulations in their games who might be willing to exchange the Pokemon they want with you. It’s a straightforward and fast method of acquiring version-exclusive Pokemon.