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Puffing Bird Reclaim Catcher 14mm


Reclaim catchers are attachments designed to save oil and wax that would otherwise go to waste, helping your dab rig stay cleaner between sessions as well as make more efficient use. What do you think about Reclaim Catcher.

Reclaim catchers come in various shapes and materials, such as glass or silicone, and work by sitting between the nail or banger of a rig and collecting non-vaporized concentrates.

What is a reclaim catcher?

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable accessory for dab rigs. They enable users to capture “reclaimed” concentrate that would typically fall off after inhaling from your banger and could otherwise go to waste and reused for future dabbing sessions or stored away for later use in an appropriate container.

Reclaim catchers are silicone attachments that connect to the bottom of a banger, or some glass bangers have built-in reclaim catcher features, making them essential dabber accessories as any usable concentrate that falls off during sessions could clog your dab nail or rig, rendering them inaccessible.

Reclaim catchers allow you to collect waste products for future sessions and keep your dab rig cleaner. They can also help season new nails by applying some reclaimed product directly on them prior to smoking for optimal nail growth and break-in.

Reclaim catchers come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs. A drop-down reclaim catcher is one of the most popular styles, featuring an eyelet-equipped drop-down design with a zig-zag pattern to keep your banger further from your face. Other models feature removable silicone jars for convenient collection of reclaimed material.

How do they work?

Reclaim catchers are removable cups designed to collect residue after each dab hit and reuse the oils or concentrates that have accumulated on your dab rig, keeping it tidy while also recycling materials for reuse. Puffing Bird offers both 14mm and 18mm options that fit any water pipe perfectly.

These attachments typically work with glass bangers or the joints of dab rigs and connect right below the nail or banger, much like an ash catcher would. With various sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be one suitable for any dabbing setup!

Reclaim catchers work: when taking a hit, the reclaim catcher melts away any unvaporized oil (untapped treasures) beneath your nail or banger and collects them into its collection chamber for easy retrieval after every session. This ensures no wax gunk remains to gunk up your rig when containing wax in this manner!

Reclaimed concentrates can also be used to smoke, bake, or even consume them (though it will likely taste awful!). Reclaim catchers make maintenance much more straightforward by being easy to clean; durable materials like borosilicate may offer added strength and heat resistance for additional strength and resistance.

What are the different types of reclaim catchers?

Reclaim catchers come in various forms depending on your needs and can help save you time when cleaning your dab rig more frequently. For ease of cleaning and efficiency, look for something with an FDA-approved silicone jar plugging into the bottom, like glass cup reclaim catchers or FDA-approved silicone. Alternatively, there are high-quality materials like borosilicate glass that offer durability and heat resistance reclaim catchers as options.

Reclaim catchers work: they sit between the joint of your rig and nail or banger, collecting wax vapors that rise through the joint into your rig and stick to the side walls of glass or silicone cylinder. Some of them then drop back down to the cup below, helping prevent sticky, dark residue from building up in your rig and making collection for future use or disposal easier.

At the core of choosing a reclaim catcher lies compatibility with your rig’s joint size and angle bend. For optimal performance, look for one with male or female joint compatibility for snug fits; 14mm and 18mm catchers come with 90-degree bend options or 45-degree options, respectively.

How do I choose a reclaim catcher?

Reclaim catchers come in many different forms on the market, ranging from glass, silicone, and combinations thereof. Glass reclaim catchers are popular due to being easy to maintain and clean, coming in various colors and styles, as well as features like dabslips that make removing dab nails simpler.

Reclaim catchers serve to collect any unvaporized concentrate and store it separately from your dab rig, enabling you to reuse your oils without incurring additional wasteful costs. They’re an essential addition to any dab rig!

Reclaim catchers are attachments that sit between your banger and the top joint of your rig’s joint, collecting extra oil and wax that has been expelled during use or production for reuse or storage later. They can be removed from their banger for easy cleaning with hot water or isopropyl alcohol, making reclaiming easier than ever!

Reclaim catchers are easy to use and can enhance the dabbing experience by helping reduce wasted wax. An affordable accessory, they can be purchased either online or locally, and it is essential to select a high-quality model so it can be reused multiple times without breaking or losing its functionality.

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