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Pulte Builders Reviews – Why They Shouldn’t Be Trusted


There are many reasons why people have a negative impression of Pulte builders. The company uses cheap labor and cuts corners everywhere. The result is cheap garbage. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid this company. This article explores these issues. Please keep reading to find out why they shouldn’t be trusted.

BuildZoom score

Building a house requires a substantial investment, and choosing a trustworthy construction contractor is essential. BuildZoom gives potential clients access to important information about a contractor, including their past work, reviews, and reputation. It can make the difference between landing a project or not.

In addition to adding a biography, you can add pictures to your profile, verify your contact information, and submit your license information. The site uses public data to verify your license, so ensure it’s up to date. It’s also a good idea to include photos of recent projects. You can also select tags related to different types of projects.

Problems with ducting

One of the most common problems found in Pulte builders reviews involves problems with ducting. These homeowners had to contact the builders and HVAC company to get the issue fixed. Once they complained, the builder’s representative sent someone to fix the problem. After several hours, the problem was still not fixed. The builder sent several employees to the house to check the system. They closed all rooms except the main bedroom and raised the fan speed.

Another common complaint about ducting is that it is not aesthetically pleasing. The ducting system may not be aesthetically pleasing, and it can leak air and heat from unconditioned spaces. Ducts also take up valuable interior space and can compromise a home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Poor quality of construction

There have been many talks lately about the poor quality of construction at Pulte builders. That’s because some of their work is shoddy, and their employees have reported poor quality of construction. Unions have tried to push Pulte to use union contractors for their work sites in Arizona and Nevada. But the truth is, they’re a scam, and their homes are essentially garbage.

In the most recent year, Pulte sold more homes than it did the previous year, and homebuyers paid an average of $463,000 for their new home. That’s a significant amount of money, making the company the third most prolific home builder in the U.S. It is based primarily in Florida and Texas, where it sold 6,640 homes in 2021, which accounted for 23% of closings.

Cheap labor

There are a few things to consider when it comes to cheap labor. One thing to consider is the time it takes to complete the construction process. Pulte Homes’ average completion time is seven months. While the process is often hectic, the management is committed to ensuring that each employee is satisfied. In addition, the management is always trying to improve the company’s processes.

Pulte is a prominent residential home builder, so that they can purchase bulk supplies and weather storms better than smaller builders. However, the company is not without its critics, as many customers have complained about nickel and diming on standard equipment and upgrades. Another downside to cheap labor is that they do not work in lower price ranges.

Cut corners

Toll Brothers and Pulte builders are competitors in the home building industry. While Toll Brothers builds luxury homes for the very rich, Pulte focuses on building more affordable homes. Although they offer the same standard features, Pulte is better at standard features, while Toll Brothers offers more customization.

Consumers considering purchasing a Pulte home will want to know its problems. This company has a reputation for cutting corners, which some homeowners have complained about in their reviews. They have a history of laying low on customer service and quality, which makes them a wrong choice for many homeowners.