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Rab Kaon Jacket Review


The Rab Kaon Jacket is made from 800-fill power European hydrophobic down. The advantage of this type of down is that it won’t get wet as quickly as standard down, which will eventually become saturated in the rain and stop keeping you warm. Rab uses this type of down along with synthetic Stratos insulation, which is placed in high wear points, such as the hips. This combination allows Rab to use all of the down’s weight.

Women’s Kaon Jacket uses European Hydrophobic Down.

The Rab Women’s Kaon Jacket is an ultralight and packable down jacket designed for use in the mountains. Its lightweight fabric, high warmth, and pack size make it a clear choice for any outdoor adventure. It also has stretchy uninsulated underarm panels that double as excellent ventilation points.

The Kaon uses 800-fill power European Hydrophobic Down, which doesn’t wet out as quickly as standard down. But it will eventually become saturated and stop keeping you warm. In addition, European Hydrophobic Down is combined with synthetic Stratos insulation to increase durability. Because of this, the Rab Kaon can retain more of its weight and keep you warm for a more extended period.

While down jackets are great for keeping you warm in cold, dry temperatures, they do not dry quickly. So if you are taking your down jacket on an adventure with limited space, consider looking for a water-resistant option.

Synthetic insulation

The Rab Kaon Jacket has a hybrid down-and-synthetic insulation system that zones the warmth. The down-filled core keeps you warm and dry, while the synthetic insulation is used in the hood, shoulder and cuff area. The synthetic insulation offers durability, breathability and longer water resistance. The Rab Kaon has a high level of waterproofing and is also a very lightweight jacket.

This jacket has a fully-insulated hood, a high collar, a single chest pocket with a reverse coil YKK zipper, and a YKK calendared front zip for extra wind resistance. The YKK reverse coil chest pocket is a perfect place to store a compass, and the zipper is easily accessible even with a harness.

Zoned insulation

The Rab Kaon Jacket is an excellent mid-layer for those who spend a lot of time on the move. Its lightweight construction and zoned insulation make it perfect for various activities. The down filling is 800 and provides toasty warmth, while synthetic insulation sits over the shoulders and hips for added performance when wet.

The down insulation is protected with small baffles to prevent it from moving around. The jacket is also made from Pertex Quantum fabric, which allows air to pass through and regulate body temperature. The jacket also features a down-free underarm area.


The Rab Kaon Jacket is a lightweight down jacket made to be packable. It is designed for mountaineering and has all the essential features for mountaineers. This jacket’s down is 800-fill power and can keep you warm and dry for long periods. Its design also incorporates stretchy uninsulated underarm panels to provide excellent ventilation.

Rab Kaon uses the brand’s slim fit design, which sits much more closely to the body than the regular Rab jacket. This reduces extra weight and prevents excess material from flapping in the wind. It’s also lightweight and can be easily packed in a stuff sack, which makes it the perfect jacket for backpacking and travelling.


The Rab Kaon Jacket is a down jacket that is ultra-lightweight and packable, making it the perfect jacket for mountain climbing. It is designed with efficiency, removing unnecessary insulating material under the arms to maximize the body’s natural heat production. Its fragile construction also provides excellent ventilation.

It uses a combination of down and synthetic insulation. The down is 800 fill power and is water-resistant. The jacket also features Pertex Quantum Air panels and lightweight ripstop nylon under the arms. It also includes a half-hem drawcord and chest pockets. The Rab Kaon Jacket is available in various colours.