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Rausch Coleman Home Reviews


Rausch Coleman Home reviews can be found on various websites and social media. They give a lot of information about the company and their employees. This article will allow you to learn about the work environment, pay, and work-life balance. It is essential to consider these things when you are considering a job. The company should be able to offer you fair compensation, good working conditions, and an excellent work-life balance.

About the company

It’s not often you hear about the nirvana of home ownership, but the folks at Rausch Coleman Homes have been building quality homes since the early fifties. Today, the company operates in Texas and Alabama, with over 30,000 homes built and counting. The best part is that they have a track record of keeping their clients happy. They even collect a lot of reviews on the home building website So whether you are looking for a starter home, a larger family home, or a retirement home, you’re sure to find the perfect one. For the discerning homebuyer, the Rausch Coleman name is synonymous with quality.

Work environment

Rausch Coleman Homes is a top home builder in the United States. The company has built 20,000 homes and has 60 years of experience. It is also a values-driven homebuilder. They offer excellent benefits, pay, and a work environment.

Aside from standard benefits, Rausch Coleman Homes also offers tuition reimbursement, adoption reimbursement, and HSA match. They are an equal-opportunity employer and make employment decisions on the merit of their employees. In addition, they provide adequate training and encourage their team members to do the right thing. They do this to improve the quality of life of their team members.

Rausch Coleman Homes pays its employees $17 per hour. This is much lower than the national average. As a result, the workers earn $36,000 a year. That is 45% less than the national average.


Rausch Coleman Homes has an exemplary reputation for delivering quality new homes at fair prices. And if you are looking for the best pay in the business, you’ll be pleased to know that the company pays its employees a handsome $35,000. The company offers various benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, retirement savings plans, and flexible work schedules.

Moreover, the company makes its job decisions on merit, not just gut feelings. The company has a well-known equal-opportunity policy; the best part is that it’s a family-friendly workplace. As a result, the average employee has plenty of job opportunities. With a gross revenue of $293 million in 2017, the company is also in good company.

Work-life balance

With more than 60 years of experience, Rausch Coleman Homes is a proven winner in homebuilding. It has constructed more than 20,000 homes and is the top builder in the United States. In addition, they have a reputation for building quality products at a reasonable price and impressive work-life balance. The company has been ranked fifteen on Best Professional Companies to Work For in Arkansas.

According to a survey conducted by the 2022 Future Forum, a company with a work-life balance is a happy one. In addition, the study found that employees in fully remote environments reported the highest satisfaction with the work-life balance metric. On the other hand, in-office workers had the lowest score.

Fair pay

Rausch Coleman Homes is one of the most recognized builders in the United States. Its homes are sold in a variety of neighborhoods and master-planned communities. The company is also known for offering a wide range of floor plans.

The company’s policy is to ensure equal employment opportunities. This includes ensuring that its employees are not discriminated against based on national origin, disability, pregnancy, ancestry, or perception. A policy also prohibits unlawful discrimination based on factors protected under federal and state law.

According to Zippia’s Best Places to Work database, Rausch Coleman Homes is an excellent place to work. Employees report an average salary of $63,484 per year and stay with the company for 4.2 years.