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Reclaim Catcher For Your 14mm Dab Rig


Reclaim catchers are essential tools in any toolkit, being both small and lightweight for effortless use. Fitting over any banger nail and compatible with all water pipes, these unbreakable devices make cleaning simple and stress-free! Find the best Reclaim Catcher.

Attach a Glass Cup or Silicon Jar to Your Bong or Dab Rig. This attachment collects any excess essential oils or concentrates that would have fallen through and into the rig. It comes equipped with either one that plugs directly into its base.

Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catchers are silicone pieces designed to fit onto the end of a banger. Extending from its joint, they collect any un-smoked concentrates into a small silicone container that’s easily removable – great for keeping water pipes clean while saving money on costly oil. Cleaning out your banger becomes much more straightforward so that you can reuse it again later!

Reclaim Catchers are made from superior materials like borosilicate glass and feature a female joint to fit standard bangers. Furthermore, there’s also an easy storage container that lets you pre-dose your reclaim so as to save both time and effort when dabbing and protect valuable concentrates from being wasted.

Reclaim catchers are essential accessories for any dab rig, helping reduce waste and optimize efficiency while keeping your rig clean and safer than using other forms of waste collection methods such as budder jars. Plus, there are various sizes to suit different rig joint sizes!

Reclaim catchers can add another level of enjoyment to dabbing sessions for both novices and veterans alike, making your sessions all the more pleasurable. Not only are these tools easy to use and enjoyable, but they are also handy tools for keeping your rig clean of ash during multiple dabs!

Reclaim catchers offer many advantages, from easy cleaning and having a separate container for reclaimed material to being available at most headshops as accessories to fit any style rig. Reclaim catchers also come in various colors and designs so that even casual users can purchase one to meet their reclaiming needs.

Reclaim catchers are essential dabbing tools that can minimize waste and enhance efficiency when dabbing with a budder jar rig. Easy to use, clean, and suitable for any banger size with their female joint fitting, they have removable silicone containers that come in various colors and sizes – providing users with everything they need for efficient dabbing sessions.


Reclaim-It is a silicone reclaim catcher designed to fit water pipes with both 14mm and 19mm adapters, making it suitable for most rigs. It stores your unneeded concentrate in an easily removable silicone jar that makes for clean dabbing sessions.

This reclaim catcher is ideal for those who prefer avoiding the sticky mess caused by traditional dabbers while still taking advantage of your reclaimed edibles and concentrate vapes – though its potency won’t compare to fresh concentrate, this solution should still do the trick when needed!

Reclaiming is relatively straightforward: To start, pour your reclaim into a Pyrex dish and heat it on low until its water evaporates before leaving it to sit overnight to air dry before scraping it with a razor blade for use later. Or you could try the double boiler method: lay your plate with your reclaim on it over a pot of boiling water to help evaporate excess liquid and produce usable dabble reclaim.

Puffing Bird

Puffing Bird is an online smoke shop that specializes in selling vaporizers and related accessories for cannabis consumption, offering high-quality products at an attractive price point and offering excellent customer service. Many users have reported receiving their orders quickly with products precisely as promised. Puffing Bird also offers various e-liquid flavors and vape battery styles, making them an excellent option for anyone switching over to electronic cigarettes.

The Reclaim Catcher 14mm is one of the most sought-after dabbing accessories, offering various colors and sizes. Attach it to any glass bong and collect wax for later use – an effortless experience and an ideal addition to any water pipe or dab rig! Plus, it comes equipped with a carrying case to make travel convenient!

If you’re in search of an upgrade for your bong, the Puffing Bird Portable Enail makes a perfect companion. It features quick heating up time and even heating across its surface area, is user-friendly for experienced and beginner dabbers alike, and is equipped with both removable coil and rechargeable battery support – perfect for on-the-go vaping!

This medical-grade titanium email features an inline water filtration system to prevent the buildup of impurities and features a convenient storage compartment as well as an LED temperature display panel to indicate when refills are due. It is compatible with most standard atomizers and an excellent alternative to quartz bangers.

The Puffing Bird Enail Kit is an all-in-one dabbing solution with everything you need for an optimal dabbing experience. Both nail and cap are constructed from medical-grade titanium for optimal use, while its base has extra thick insulation to hold more heat for longer hits. Easily set up, with user-friendly controls enabling temperature adjustments as needed, this email has everything you need for long, uninterrupted dabbing sessions!

MK Glassworks

MK Glassworks offers a lightweight quality reclaim catcher explicitly designed to keep 14mm dab rigs or water pipes clean and functional. This lightweight yet sturdy device fits between your banger and water pipe to catch any unvaporized concentrate that remains. Plus, it has a removable silicone chamber, making cleaning and retrieving easy! Additionally, MK Glassworks’ lightweight yet sturdy solution fits bangers from 14 mm to 19 mm in diameter!

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