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Redmi Note 9 Review: The Incredible Deal


In today’s Redmi Note 9 Review, I will show you how good or bad the device is, also, I will guide you through the way of every detail in the phone, all of that within less than 3 minutes, let’s get started…

This Redmi Note 9 and a higher spec Note 9 Pro join the Redmi Note 9S is Xiaomi’s 2020 cheap phone lineup in the UK. For those on a limited budget, the 9 is somewhat less expensive than the 9S, but it foregoes some screen estate, the Snapdragon 720G, and a few other capabilities.

We evaluate if the tiny price difference is enough to convince you in favor of the younger brother, which promises the same high-capacity 5,020mAh battery that sent the 9S to the top of our phone battery ratings, and a very comparable quad-lens back camera.

Redmi Note 9 Review: The Design

The Redmi Note 9 looks great, especially in our testing sample’s Midnight Grey color scheme. It is also available in two more colors: Forest Green and Polar White.

Redmi Note 9 Review: It should come as no surprise that it has a fairly recognizable appearance, both among current Android phones in general and the Redmi Note 9 series in particular but take a closer look and you’ll see many significant changes between this and the more costly versions in the line.

Redmi Note 9 Review

Image source: Amazon

The most obvious difference is that this model lacks the high-gloss mirror sheen of its brothers. It’s not a terrible thing: the subtlety created is attractive, and the phone is far less prone to fingerprints as a result. The Redmi Note 9 is still shiny, but not too so.

Redmi Note 9 Review: The proportions have little bearing on how it feels in the hand, however, the Note 9’s smoother, more rounded edges make it more comfortable to grip and use.

I found it considerably simpler to extend my thumb over the display to the top corner with the Redmi Note 9S but doing so with the Redmi Note 9S required some finger gymnastics.

Each model also features an IPS display, which is not as bright, punchy, or contrasty as the AMOLED panels seen in Xiaomi’s more costly models, but it is a good-quality screen with accurate colors and great viewing angles.

It’s uncommon to see AMOLED in the cheap phone market, but we’ve come a long way from the days of TN screens.

Redmi Note 9 Review: is it worth it?

Most of the Redmi note 9 reviews agree that if you’re on a tight budget, the Redmi Note 9 is an excellent smartphone around £200. It checks a lot of boxes, and while it isn’t perfect, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

Though it’s made of plastic, it’s well-designed and comes with impressive-sounding features like a quad-lens camera that worked admirably in our testing, but for a loss of finer detail.

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Is there an issue with the Redmi Note 9?

More and more customers are complaining about low system performance, Wi-Fi failures, and the fact that several games actually “break” the firmware, resulting in significant freezes and delays.

The issue is with MIUI 12 because all the above issues occurred once the upgrade was installed.

Removing certain programs will make this phone operate quicker. The RAM of the XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 will be used to execute any programs.

Some XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 latency issues are caused by apps. However, we have discovered that certain XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 start sluggish because of the use of non-original firmware or custom ROM.