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RMS Uncover Up Concealer Review


RMS Uncover Up Concealer is a lightweight mineral concealer designed to make your skin look younger, healthier and more radiant. The mineral formula helps to heal your skin, even out your skin tone, and minimize minor imperfections without looking cakey. Best of all, it doesn’t dry your skin like many other concealers.


The RMS Uncover Up Concealer is an excellent option for a natural makeup product. The brand uses food-grade ingredients and does not contain parabens or other harsh chemicals. In addition, the product doesn’t look cakey or heavy on the skin. However, it may settle into fine lines, especially around the eyes. For this reason, it’s essential to buff it off at midday.

RMS Beauty’s ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer is a creamy, ultra-pigmented concealer that is particularly beneficial for dry skin. Its lightweight formula helps fight the flaky appearance of other concealers and contains nourishing oils and natural pigments to smooth out the skin. It can be built up to medium coverage, but it’s best used as a light concealer.


RMS Uncover Up concealer is a mineral makeup product that combines foundation benefits with concealer. It is designed to make skin look healthy, fresh, and younger. It also works to even skin tone and reduces minor imperfections. Its formula is also designed to help the skin heal itself.

The RMS Uncover Up concealer is a light, airy foundation that’s great for dry or sensitive skin. It’s formulated with soothing ingredients and a formula that won’t clog pores. The formula also contains vitamins B and E, which protect the skin from environmental stressors. It’s also cruelty-free, which means it’s free of ingredients used in animal testing.

The RMS Uncover Up concealer is a lightweight mineral foundation and concealer that’s designed to make skin look healthy and younger. It’s made to melt into the skin so it won’t look cakey or heavy. It provides medium-to-full coverage that conceals redness and blemishes while helping the skin heal. The product is hydrating and lightweight so that it can be used on its own or under a heavier foundation.


RMS Uncover Up concealer is an all-natural concealer that combines skincare benefits with coverage. This formula is made with natural mineral-derived iron oxides and sunscreen-grade titanium dioxide to hide the appearance of dark circles. It also contains rosemary extract and castor seed oil. According to the company, these ingredients improve skin tone, texture, hydration of the skin and even out skin tone.

RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer has an easy-to-apply formula that blends into the skin seamlessly and creates a flawless look. Its creamy texture is lightweight and stays on all day. It covers even the tiniest blemishes and redness while moisturizing the skin. It also helps even out skin tone and minimizes pores.

EWG rating

RMS Beauty’s “UN” Cover Up concealer has an EWG rating of 2, making it an eco-friendly option. This multi-tasking product contains sunscreen-grade titanium dioxide, natural mineral-derived iron oxides, rosemary extract, and castor seed oil. Its formula is said to be hydrating, too. The concealer is available in seven different shades.

The Deep Skin database of the Environmental Working Group has a rating system for cosmetics based on the ingredients. The Skin Deep ingredient hazard score is based on the number of known and suspected hazards associated with each ingredient. The EWG also rates the product’s safety by its EWG VERIFIED(tm) mark.

Is it hydrating?

RMS Uncover Up is a lightweight concealer with hydrating and pore-minimizing properties. This concealer is designed to blend seamlessly into the skin for a natural finish. The mineral pigments adjust to your skin’s tone for an even, buildable coverage. It can be worn alone or underneath the foundation for a sheerer look.

Whether worn alone or under foundation, RMS Uncover Up concealer is a great way to hide imperfections without over-concealing. This lightweight concealer will melt into your skin, covering redness and even coverage. The hydrating formula is also perfect for dry skin.