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ROS 2 Tutorial – How to Make a XY Plot in CoppeliaSim


The following tutorial is for those who have no prior experience with programming. The following examples require the installation of ROS 2 Foxy and turtles. Robotis TurtleBot3 is also a required tool. Once you have all these components, you are ready to build your first ROS robot. Using the examples in the tutorial will help you learn how to use them.


CoppeliaSim is a cross-platform robot simulator. It was previously known as V-REP. If you’re a beginner at CoppeliaSim, this tutorial will help you get started. However, before you can get started, you need to complete the prerequisites.

CoppeliaSim, formerly known as V-REP, is a closed-source robotics simulation software that includes advanced functionalities for testing and debugging complex robotic systems. It runs on Windows and Linux and comes with plugins for Matlab, Python, Java, and more. The simulator uses scene objects, sockets, and calculation modules.

XY plot

This ros2 tutorial explains how to make an XY plot of data using the XY plotting tool. The XY plot is a simple graph that shows the position of data points over time. To create this graph, you should first select a series. From the series’ details menu, you can customize the x-axis and choose the y-axis value indices. After that, you can specify the line color of the series.

You can create a graph using an XY plot in ros2 using the R package. You can use a data frame that contains a single point, or you can use an array of points. If you are plotting a two-dimensional set, you will also need to set the dir value.


The ROS 2 tutorial is a collection of step-by-step instructions that gradually increase your skills and knowledge of the software. You should follow the tutorials in order, as each step builds on the previous one. However, the tutorials are not meant to be exhaustive documentation and are best used to answer specific questions, rather than learning to program a robot from scratch.

The first step in the tutorial is to create a workspace. This workspace will resolve any dependencies on packages. You can also use the turtle’s package that is part of the ros_tutorials repository.