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Selenium WebDriver Tutorial


If you are looking for a test automation framework that supports multiple languages, Selenium WebDriver is an excellent option. It supports Java and C# and integrates with tools such as Maven. It also provides a CHANGELOG file for developers to keep track of changes.

Selenium WebDriver is an object-oriented test automation framework

There are two main methods of creating automation tests. One way is to use a GUI framework like Selenium IDE. Using a GUI framework means that you don’t have to write code to make the automation work. Another option is to use a tool called WebDriver. This tool runs in the web browser as a plugin.

It works by interacting with the browser’s driver executables. The framework uses JSON wire protocol over HTTP to pass data and arguments to the browser driver. In this way, the framework simulates real browser actions. This feature can help developers build a framework that can build complex testing scenarios with ease.

Selenium WebDriver supports most modern web browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. In addition, the framework is compatible with a variety of languages, making it easy to use with different applications. This means that you can write test scripts in any language, including HTML and CSS. Furthermore, the tool is cross-platform and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It also works with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.