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Show me the Truth About the Bible


After you stand up in court, often the bailiff will ask you to say to the whole truth and nothing, even so, the fact so help you Jesus and if you agree, take your testimony in beliefs. I’m not going to offer you information that will lead an individual down a life of faith. I’ll give you the truth about the Holy book if you can take it. Get the Best information about Bible verses about chastity.

For centuries today, millions of people have wanted the truth about the Bible, and extremely few are willing to accept that. The cold hard fact about the Bible has led hundreds of thousands away from Christianity, and the coach seems to be accumulating more folks as it’s rolling lower the tracks of existence.

The truth about the Bible is straightforward. There is very little evidence to back up most of the claims made. I have been saying this for a long time now, and it doesn’t look like most people are interested in the truth. There are heard intelligent men and women similar tell me that the Bible is a written word of Jesus. When I start wondering them a few simple issues, they refer back to all their beliefs without answering my very own questions.

It doesn’t topic whether you are a Christian struggling with your current beliefs or a Christian who sincerely believes that the Holy book is inerrant and undoubtedly the written word regarding God. The truth is still getting the truth, and facts continue to be facts. There is no approach around this, and it’s going to demand some Christians to open their marbles and start absorbing some of the details that I’m talking about.

Should you sincerely believe that the Bible is infallible and the written word of God, how can you explain all the contradictions or mythological stories within it. If the Bible truly makes sense to you, are you living your life according to it or just walking around telling everyone that you are?

If you believe that the Bible is infallible, I suggest that you review Leviticus, learn the laws, and start following them. Quit telling me that the Bible is without flaws and start showing me by living your life accordingly.

In other words, if something is written in the Bible that you don’t believe in 100%, though, you just stated that you think everything in it to be true and without flaws.

The choice is yours, do you want to live a life believing in something or live life knowing anything.

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