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Single Vs Double Hung Windows


Double-hung windows offer more control over ventilation and temperature regulation. By opening both top and bottom sashes simultaneously, they make an excellent addition to homes on upper floors where air circulation may be complex. Find the best vacuum-glazed windows.

However, their multiple moving parts can eventually lead to issues with energy efficiency and seals. Keep reading to learn more about single-hung windows vs. double-hung windows so you can select the most appropriate solution for your home.


Double-hung windows feature both an upper and lower sash that opens, providing excellent airflow through your home and helping keep it more relaxed in summer and warmer in winter, leading to energy savings. Furthermore, being able to open both upper and lower sashes allows more ventilation options for homeowners and helps prevent moisture build-up in kitchens and bathrooms, reducing indoor allergies.

Double-hung windows feature tilting sashes that make cleaning both panes of glass accessible from within your home, making double-hung an excellent solution for upper-story windows that would otherwise require using ladders or hiring an outside window cleaner. They’re also an excellent way to preserve historical charm while adding modern functionality, often found in Colonial, traditional, or Victorian properties, as they suit an array of design styles well.

As double-hung windows provide more ventilation and ease of cleaning than single-hung ones, they tend to be more costly due to the additional engineering needed to ensure energy efficiency. Furthermore, having more moving parts may increase their potential for leaks, impacting their long-term performance.

Single-hung windows provide reliable and cost-effective ventilation on first floors and other places where simple ventilation may be necessary. They’re an ideal option when considering less costly solutions for basic functionality.

If you want the best of both worlds, combine single-hung windows in less frequented areas with double-hung windows in high-traffic zones of your home or commercial building. This approach provides you with a tailored approach that meets the specific needs of your space while staying within your budget. Our experts are on hand to assist in selecting which type of window will best meet the requirements for your space – contact us now and find out which option would work for your space – serving residents throughout Washington State, Oregon State, Idaho State, and Montana!

Energy Efficiency

Attractive design aside, homeowners also look for energy efficiency when selecting new windows. Both single-hung and double-hung styles feature energy-saving features such as low-E coatings and insulated glass to improve their homes’ performance. However, single-hung windows allow only bottom sash openings, while double-hung styles offer the simultaneous opening of both top and bottom sashes for ventilation and recirculating airflow.

As heat rises, double-hung windows are designed to effectively release hot air from the upper level while simultaneously allowing cool air to enter at the bottom. This helps regulate indoor temperatures throughout the year and keeps your home comfortable.

Double-hung windows may also be more energy-efficient than single-hung windows depending on their size and design, such as by choosing an insulated vinyl or fiberglass frame option, which significantly increases a window’s insulation value. Furthermore, both single-hung and double-hung windows may come equipped with additional energy-efficient features, such as argon gas fills or thermal breaks, to further limit heat transference between rooms.

Poor installation can negatively impact the energy efficiency of both single-hung and double-hung windows, leading to less effective air seals and higher energy costs. Therefore, a qualified contractor must install either window style in your home.

No matter if you’re after single-hung or double-hung windows, OKNOPLAST’s team of experts is happy to assist! Simply give us a call, and we will make recommendations that meet your unique needs and preferences. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality windows that are durable yet beautiful additions to any home’s decor—call now so that we can start helping! We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Double-hung windows provide increased ventilation by being opened from both top and bottom, making them perfect for rooms on the second floor of a home that may find accessing exterior-opening windows difficult. They also work well in bathrooms as they make air circulation simpler while decreasing mildew risk. Plus, when cleaning, double-hung windows can tilt inward for ease—ideal if there are small children living there!

Single-hung windows open and close from the side, necessitating you to use a ladder when they require cleaning. This is particularly problematic for upper-story windows as access will become much more challenging to reach them with cleaning solutions. Double-hung windows can be tilted inward to make cleaning much simpler: spray interior/exterior with window cleaner before wiping off with a lint-free cloth after spraying on interior/is an excellent convenience for homeowners with second-story or hard-to-reach windows so they can avoid having professional services come in and charge additional services fees for cleaning services!

Both single-hung and double-hung windows come in an assortment of materials, colors, and finishes to fit a range of design preferences and aesthetics. Due to additional features and functionality of double-hung windows, they may prove more expensive than their single-hung counterparts.


Maintenance is of the utmost importance when it comes to windows, particularly older models that may require more regular care than more contemporary models. When purchasing new windows, look for ones that are durable yet easy to keep clean, as well as companies with excellent reviews and warranties that back them.

Single-hung windows tend to be cheaper than their double-hung counterparts and can offer several benefits that make them ideal for many homes. Without an operable upper sash to limit ventilation, single-hung windows make cleaning simpler from the inside, as the cleaner can easily be sprayed onto outside glass without needing to reach through a window frame or go outside itself.

Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that can be opened from either end, providing more ventilation options and making them perfect for sunrooms. Plus, with modern upgrades available for double-hung windows, you can add energy efficiency and functionality for increased efficiency and functionality.

While double-hung windows may be more costly than their single-hung counterparts, their extra costs often outweigh their advantages in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance ease. Furthermore, these windows come in custom sizes and designs, as well as features like between-the-glass blinds or shades.

Single and double-hung windows come in an assortment of materials, such as wood, clad wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, making it easy to find windows to suit any design style or space. In addition, it may even be possible to combine both types within one structure for more tailored aesthetics and functionality.

Customize your windows further by choosing a different frame color or material, adding decorative muntin bars or grille patterns, and choosing single-hung or double-hung windows explicitly tailored to meet the architectural style of your home. When the time comes to upgrade your home with beautiful new windows, contact Lake Washington Windows and Doors; our professionals can assist you in choosing single- or double-hung models, depending on your requirements and preferences.

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