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Snir Moshe Hananya – How to Boost Your Business’s Digital Presence


Advertising plays a huge role in today’s world as we know it. You turn on your cellphone, get an advertisement, sign in to your social media, and are welcomed with another ad. Businesses have heavily started relying on digital advertisements, and every other platform is involved in some form or the other. The email was great and was used for many things that mattered, but now things have changed. You can now get an email about anything someone else is selling, and you might not even be interested in it. With so much digital marketing going on around it, your business must get the required attention. 

To get the attention your business deserves, it is essential to understand how digital presence works. Snir Moshe Hananya explains the different tips and tricks that will help companies create the digital presence they deserve. 

Website Creation

Not many realize, but the first step in making any business’s digital presence is creating a website. Having an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website makes up half of digital marketing. The webpage or website is the first stop that any potential customer will make. It will cue the customer whether they should stay and invest their time or move on. However, it is only for so long that the website will play the role of digital marketing. Entrepreneurs and businesses eventually have to develop new marketing techniques to gauge the attention of prospective buyers and customers. 

It might come as a surprise, but even the search results that Google shows are considered a form of digital marketing. If your business’s website shows in the search results, people will likely visit it. Potential companies need to work on how to stay on the first page and in top searches. Google uses optimization for displaying the most preferred websites to least preferred. Being at the top is challenging but worth all the effort. The further up you are, the more potential customers you will attract. 

Within this ad, optimization is the concept of organic and inorganic advertisements. Organic ads appear in search based on the content’s value to the keywords. In contrast, when it comes to Inorganic advertisements, these are paid for. Some ads show in the top search just because the advertiser has been paid to display it. Such marketing includes pay-per-click marketing, which means paying google for every click that a user makes. 

Another form of digital marketing is sponsored content, better known as native marketing. Native marketing uses paid ads that match the shape, feel, and function of the platform it appears on. According to Snir Moshe Hananya, native advertising is the answer to creating your business’s digital presence. The traditional ads are quite interruptive, but native advertising is not like that. These ads will take the same form and shape as the material on the website. 

Marketing through Social Media

For businesses to create a presence in this time and age, they must be active on various social media platforms. Social media marketing is not just to click a few pictures here and there and post them on Instagram. Neither is it about tweeting a line on Twitter now and then. Social media presence requires a lot of effort, time, creativity and consistency. 

If you are looking to use Instagram for digital marketing, you need to focus more on visual content. However, on Twitter, words matter more, and therefore your writing game should be strong for that. When it comes to YouTube, graphic designing is a game-changer. The better the graphics, the more views you will get. 

Concluding Words

According to Snir Moshe Hananya, an online business presence is significant to keep you in the market. A digital company is all about knowing the proper marketing techniques to flourish your business in the digital space.