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Soft Serve Clothing Company Reviews


Soft Serve Clothing Company reviews are easy to find online and are a great way to see if you’re getting a good deal or a quality product. These environmentally friendly and labour-safe hoodies promise to be the softest you’ve ever worn. The store’s Facebook page also has many followers, and they promptly respond to questions and concerns. You can also subscribe to the company’s newsletter to get a $10 discount on your first order!

Environmentally friendly

Soft Serve Clothing Company is committed to using organic cotton and recycled water bottles to produce its clothing. The clothing is made in sweatshop-free factories and offers a variety of green benefits. Many of its items are unisex and offer the ideal blend of style and comfort. These hoodies are available in many colours and sizes.

The clothing also helps improve the economy. Using recycled materials, the company can create a new clothing market. They also produce their clothing locally, reducing their carbon footprint. As an example, one of the eco-friendly brands they feature is Ecoalf. This company uses recycled materials to make their clothing and even produces some of its products locally.

Soft Serve Clothing Company also offers a 30-day exchange and refund policy. The company uses Cloud cotton instead of traditional cotton. This type of cotton is softer and uses shorter fibres than traditional cotton. The cotton is grown from seeds of a plant called Gossypium arboreum.

The company’s commitment to sustainability has helped them become a leader in the fashion and textile industry. Their sustainable clothing efforts have helped them reduce the amount of clothing discarded in landfills. Additionally, they work to reduce the number of agrochemicals used to grow conventional fibre crops, such as cotton.


The Soft Serve Clothing Company is a labour-safe company and focuses on sourcing natural materials for its products. They also emphasize labour-safe practices to ensure their employees are not exposed to hazardous chemicals. The company uses the latest technology to create ultra-soft clothing. They use Cloud cotton, which has shorter fibres than traditional cotton and is more breathable. The company also promotes sustainable production practices and fair trade policies.

Patagonia is also going above and beyond the industry standard by focusing on second-tier factory workers. The company also works with the Fair Labor Association, which conducts spot audits in factories worldwide. This helps companies improve their corporate responsibility programs by spotting potential issues.

Claims to be the softest hoodies ever made

Soft Serve Clothing Company produces the softest hoodies on the market. Its fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, and the company is committed to being environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. It also believes in making clothes that fit everyone’s body type, producing hoodies for both men and women. Moreover, it offers a variety of sizes, colours, and designs.

Soft Serve Clothing Company ships its products internationally. The company offers a range of hoodies in different colours, including jet black, deep purple, ocean mint, perfect grey, shark steel blue, blush pink, and midnight black. Most of its products are sold online, and the company does not have a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, if you want to purchase Soft Serve clothing, you should consider the company’s return policy before you place your order.

The Cloud Cotton Hoodie is one of the softest hoodies on the market. It’s made from the perfect material, and the finish is smooth and feathery. The Cloud Cotton Zipper has the smoothest and softest zip of all hoodies. The company also claims it is the softest hoodie zipper in the world. The company uses fabric synthesized from recycled bottles. Its cotton is also organic, making it even softer.