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Spotify top 10 artists are here: keep reading for some beneficial info!

spotify top 10 artists


Everyone loves to listen to songs, and Spotify is the place where you can get so many different kinds of songs, and you can also hear those songs very well. And if you are now looking for Spotify top 10 artists, you are in the right place because here, you can get so much beneficial info very clearly. And everyone knows that the data will be clear-cut when it comes to Spotify! So, here you will know very clearly about the top 10 artists.

spotify top 10 artists
Spotify top 10 artists

Best artists on Spotify

Everyone has different kinds of tests when it comes to music, and day by day; you will see that the trial of music is also changing. So many music artists are there, and you have to choose them as you want. So, let’s directly jump on the best and top artists on Spotify now.


This is a boy band from South Korea, and this band was formed in 2010. You can get 253 tracks from this popular band on Spotify. And day by day, the success rate is increasing very positively. Different kinds of ages people love their music. And on social media, you will be able to know their popularity very well.

Post Malone:

This artist is known for his unique sound; you can listen to so many different kinds of music from him. Such as hip-hop, pop music, and other types of rap music as well. His music will surely make you feel very connected and satisfied at the same time.


This music artist is one of the most popular ones on Spotify, and if you are a rap lover, you will find him the best. And this artist loves to stay in his singing style, and you will get 296 tracks on Spotify. You can find his music very relatable and best.

Ariana Grande:

This female music artist is one of the most well-known, always trying to maintain her position very positively. And if you hear her vocal range, you will surely love her voice. And the best part about this music artist is her involvement in charity campaigning.

Justin Bieber:

You will indeed hear this name various times. This music artist lived by every single one for his songs and personality. And mostly teenagers are getting very excited about this music artist. Day by day, the popularity of Justin Bieber is growing very positively.

Taylor Swift:

This is one of the best and most modern artists, changing the test of music very effectively. And her lyrics are just incredible, and you will feel very touched after listening to her songs. If you are feeling low, just listening to her sing can help you boost your mood very positively.

The weekend:

This is a Canadian singer, and he is known for his dark lyrics. He released five top-rated studio albums, and everyone loves them all. He was significantly influenced by Michael Jackson and his songs very well.

Ed Sheeran:

Now, you do not need to say anything about this music artist because he is one of the best music artists, and his song, Shape of You, is one of the most popular. And the remarkable achievement of this in this music industry is just unbelievable.

Bad Bunny:

This music artist began his career in 2013 and is also one of the most famous artists on Spotify. His outstanding music is loved by every generation very well. And his audience loves his voice.

spotify top 10 artists
Spotify top 10 artists


This is the number one and most listened-to musician on Spotify. His first public appearance was 20 years ago; from then, he became a trendy and demanding music artist.

Final thought

So, who is your favorite? You can go through every music artist and indeed love them all. But when it comes to the best one, then it will depend on your music test.