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Summary of the best-selling Chinese sneaker brand 2021


Sneakers are one of the most searched keywords in the list of fashion accessories. Have you known the quality domestic Chinese sneaker shoes, beautiful designs, and affordable prices yet? If not, don’t rush through this article.

Synthesis of quality Chinese domestic sneaker brands – soft prices

Importing Chinese goods will help you summarize the top 7 best-selling domestic Chinese sneaker brands in 2021:

1. Lining “national” domestic shoe brand:

Lining – one of the first national shoe brands to make a name for itself in the international sneaker market. Pioneering in design and design, Lining continuously launches beautiful product models suitable for most consumers’ tastes. Shoes from the Lining brand make users comfortable when moving and active by using shock and shock absorption technology.

One of the other advantages that help Lining win customers’ trust is the anti-roll design on the sole, minimizing injury and ankle conditions.

Lining’s designs have models for both men and women, suitable for practicing sports and being chosen as a meaningful gift to give to relatives and friends.

2. Dusto shoe brand:

The second largest shoe brand to mention is Dusto: a brand with a leading product line of sneakers and more shoes and bags,… Currently, Dusto has developed more than 9000 domestic and international stores. Dusto with a simple design but is still youthful and dynamic, always catching up with global fashion trends.

Lining national domestic shoe brand


3. Peak shoe brand:

Founded in 1989, Peak is famous for its basketball sports shoes. In addition, this shoe company is also constantly developing more professional shoes for sports, such as tennis shoes, soccer shoes, running shoes,…

Along with constantly improving product designs, Peak also focuses on shoe manufacturing technology when applying Gradient dual, Multicore cushioning technology to help shoes become more and more perfect, creating the most comfortable feeling. For customers to use.

4. Xstep shoe brand:

Xstep is one of the famous sports fashion brands in Hong Kong, China. Owning the world’s leading research laboratory on shoe technology for professional athletes, Xstep has sponsored major marathons in China for six consecutive years with more than 1000 prizes and more than 6,000,000 participants. Xstep’s product line design with youthful and healthy style and many new colors is trendy among young people.

5. Shoe brand 361°:

Not only providing sportswear products, but the 361° brand also offers a diverse line of sports shoes. The youthful, dynamic design and the meager price make 361° one of the “popular” brand shoes with considerable sales in the domestic and international markets.

The outstanding feature of the 361 sports shoe line is the breathable mesh material and the good anti-slip sole so it will be an excellent choice for outdoor sports activities.

Lining national domestic shoe brand

6. Red Dragonfly Shoe Brand:

Born in 1995, Red Dragonfly has quickly established its position with product quality and trend-forward design. Constantly improving production quality and focusing on consumers’ feelings when using products, Red Dragonfly is growing, with more than 2000 stores spread across the domestic market. This is one of the shoe companies that promises to bring many explosions in product quality and design shortly.

7. Anta shoe brand:

Anta is honored to be in the world’s top 5 most popular shoe brands. Sports shoe products are loved and chosen by consumers because of their sophisticated and straightforward design, bringing comfort, especially for those who have to move a lot. The price for a pair of “soft” Anta shoes is much more than other brands, while the quality and comfort of use are similar.

Not only focusing on changing designs according to consumer tastes, but Anta is also researching to produce children’s featured shoes with environmentally friendly technology.

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