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Suneet Singal First Capital: Leading Towards Financial Excellence

Suneet Singal First Capital


In this article we will delve into the life of suneet singal first capital.First Capital, a prominent player in the world of finance and investment, stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Founded with a vision and fueled by dedication, this financial institution has left an indelible mark on the industry.In the fields of real estate, consumer retail, finance, renewable energy, digital media and music, FinTech, strategy, and corporate structure, senior experienced entrepreneurs and finance architects are working. Suneet Singal has been a principal and owner in several businesses over the past 21 years, working as a successful entrepreneur throughout that time. He was formerly the equity REIT’s chairman and CEO.

Formerly, he served as the acting CEO of a Business Development Corp. and the CEO of an operating real estate business that was listed on the Nasdaq. Before that, he operated, building and selling private companies and assets. Mr. Signal has held a number of C-Suite and board positions in both public and private businesses.The world of finance and investment is a complex web of opportunities, and some individuals have mastered the art of strategic investment. One such visionary is Suneet Singal, whose role at First Capital has extended to the realm of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).


Suneet Singal’s educational journey laid the foundation for his successful career in finance and investments. He pursued his undergraduate studies at California State University-Sacramento, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Finance with a Concentration in Investments. This period, from 1997 to 1999, was pivotal in shaping his financial acumen.

During his time at California State University-Sacramento, Suneet was not only a dedicated student but also an active participant in campus life. He engaged with diverse cultures as a member of the Cultural Club and contributed to promoting international awareness through events like “Taste of the World.”

Before his university years, Suneet attended Jesuit High School from 1992 to 1996. His leadership qualities shone through as he served as the Student Body President, demonstrating his early penchant for taking on responsibilities and leading his peers. Additionally, his commitment to academic excellence earned him multiple honours during his high school years.

suneet singal first capital
suneet singal first capital

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Suneet Singal’s education, characterised by his undergraduate degree and active involvement in extracurricular activities, provided him with a solid knowledge base and leadership skills that he would later apply in the world of finance and investments, ultimately becoming a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of First Capital.

Suneet Singal’s Pioneering Spirit

Suneet Singal, co-founder of First Capital, is not just an entrepreneur but a visionary. His journey in finance has been marked by a keen eye for innovative investment opportunities. It’s this spirit that led him to explore the dynamic world of REITs.

First Capital’s Expanding Horizons

First Capital, under the leadership of Suneet Singal, has continually expanded its portfolio to include various financial services. In recent years, their strategic move into REITs has caught the attention of investors and industry experts alike.

Understanding REITs

Before delving into Singal and First Capital’s involvement, let’s briefly understand what REITs are. Real Estate Investment Trusts are companies that own, operate, or finance income-producing real estate in a range of property sectors. They offer a unique investment avenue for those interested in real estate without directly owning properties.

Suneet Singal’s Approach to REITs

Singal’s approach to REITs has been marked by his ability to spot lucrative opportunities in the real estate market has led First Capital to successful ventures in this sector.

First Capital’s REIT Ventures

First Capital’s ventures into the world of REITs have been notable. They have invested in a diverse range of real estate assets. These ventures have not only added value to their portfolio but have also contributed to the growth of the REIT market.

The Impact on Investors

Investors who have joined Singal and First Capital in their REIT ventures have experiences. This approach aligns with First Capital’s commitment to client success.

The Future of REITs with Suneet Singal and First Capital

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Suneet Singal and First Capital remain at the forefront of REIT investments. Their forward-thinking approach, coupled with a solid track record, positions them as key players in the future of REITs.


Mr. Suneet Singal specialises in complicated financial structuring, transaction structuring, acquisition, negotiations, equity and debt placements, direct investment, development, and strategy. He has experience in corporate and transactional negotiations as well as structured finance, and he has completed numerous closed capital transactions including both debt and equity in a variety of business sectors. His prior areas of expertise included the creation of real estate master plans, transit-oriented development, land entitlement, commercial real estate, principle sponsorship, equity, and consultancy. Real estate and non-real estate assets and businesses are mixed together today. He has advised family office operators with sizable asset portfolios on a variety of capital structures using intricate local and international transactional mechanisms.He has held roles in numerous project holdings and investments, joint ventures, and partnerships as a main shareholder, director, and officer.


 Suneet Singal’s affiliation with prestigious organizations reflects his commitment to excellence in the financial and real estate sectors. As a member of NAREIT since May 2016, he remains closely connected with First Capital Real Estate Trust Incorporated, underlining his dedication to the industry’s highest standards and best practices.

suneet singal first capital
suneet singal first capital

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Furthermore, Suneet’s ongoing membership in the American Association of Private Lenders, dating back to November 2012, demonstrates his active engagement in the realm of private lending. This association is intricately tied to his role with FCREI, highlighting his enduring dedication to upholding ethical and professional standards within the private lending community.

These memberships underscore Suneet Singal’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, ensuring that his contributions to the financial and real estate sectors remain impactful and well-informed.

The Genesis of First Capital

First Capital’s journey began  when it was established by visionary entrepreneurs with a mission. Since its inception, the company has adhered to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

A Commitment to Client Success

What sets First Capital apart is its unwavering commitment to client success. The institution prides itself on which has garnered it a loyal and diverse clientele.

Diverse Portfolio and Expertise

First Capital’s expertise spans a wide range of financial services. This diverse portfolio has allowed the company to adapt to changing market dynamics and provide comprehensive solutions to clients.

Innovative Investment Strategies

One of First Capital’s key strengths is its ability to innovate in the realm of investment strategies. The institution has consistently introduced groundbreaking approaches such as that have redefined industry standards.

Navigating Challenges

First Capital’s journey has been marked by challenges. However, the institution’s resilience and adaptability have enabled it to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger.

 Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond its financial success, First Capital takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Initiatives that exemplify the institution’s commitment to giving back to the community and promoting positive change.

 A Legacy of Excellence

First Capital’s legacy is a testament to its founders’ vision and the dedication of its team. It has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity, becoming a trusted partner for clients seeking financial expertise.

Future Horizons

As the financial landscape evolves, First Capital continues to look ahead. Its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and maintaining its client-centric approach positions it for a bright future.

First Capital is not just a financial institution; it’s a symbol of excellence and innovation in the finance and investment sector. Its legacy of success, dedication to clients, and commitment to responsible business practices make it a model for the industry to follow.

Suneet Singal: A Journey of Leadership and Innovation in the Financial World

Suneet Singal’s remarkable career in finance and real estate development is a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a career spanning over two decades, Suneet’s experiences have been marked by transformative roles that have left a lasting impact on the financial industry.

Chairman of the Board – First Capital (2017-Present)

Since May 2017, Suneet Singal has held the prestigious position of Chairman of the Board at First Capital. Based in the bustling Greater New York City Area, First Capital is a financial powerhouse that has gained recognition for its innovative approach to investment and finance. Under Suneet’s leadership, the company has thrived, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

CEO of First Capital Real Estate Trust Incorporated (2015-2019)

From September 2015 to December 2019, Suneet served as the CEO of First Capital Real Estate Trust Incorporated in the heart of New York City. During his four-year tenure, he played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a non-traded public dual strategy REIT. This innovative venture opened up new avenues for investors to participate in real estate markets.

Managing Partner – FCREI (2003-2019)

Suneet Singal’s career at First Capital spans an impressive 16 years and 2 months, from November 2003 to December 2019. As a Managing Partner based in Northern California, he was at the helm of various initiatives within the company. His role encompassed real estate development, investment platform management, finance, advisory services, and retail operations. This multifaceted experience speaks volumes about his versatility and expertise.

Board of Director – Tessellated (2015-2019)

 Suneet extended his influence beyond First Capital when he served as a Board of Director at Tessellated from April 2015 to March 2019. His involvement in this Napa-based organisation highlights his commitment to contributing to the broader business community.

Acting CEO – First Capital Investment Corporation (2017-2018)

 In Washington D.C. Metro Area, Suneet took on the role of Acting CEO for First Capital Investment Corporation from March 2017 to March 2018. His leadership skills were put to the test in this position, where he oversaw crucial aspects of the company’s operations.

CEO – FC Global Realty Incorporated (2017)

Suneet briefly served as the CEO of FC Global Realty Incorporated in Greater New York City Area from May 2017 to December 2017. This publicly traded real estate operating company on Nasdaq offered him a unique perspective on the dynamics of the financial markets.

Investment Committee – First Capital Income Fund I (2016-2017)

In the heart of New York City, Suneet was an integral part of the Investment Committee for First Capital Income Fund I from February 2016 to June 2017. His expertise contributed to the success of this $200 million fund, which focused on bridge capital, debt and preferred equity, and advisory services for national developers and sponsors across diverse asset classes.

suneet singal first capital
suneet singal first capital

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Board of Director – Castle Mortgage (2015-2016)

Suneet Singal served as a Board of Director – Investor at Castle Mortgage, a nationwide agency mortgage banking correspondent platform. His brief yet impactful tenure in Southern California showcased his ability to engage with and contribute to the financial industry at a national level.

Principal – FCCV (2012-2015)

In the Central Valley of California, Suneet embarked on a journey as a Principal at FCCV from September 2012 to September 2015. This phase of his career involved diverse responsibilities, including land acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, rehabilitation, repositioning, branding, and operational management of gas stations in the Central Valley Corridor.

Principal – CV Self Storage (2011-2014)

Suneet’s involvement as a Principal in CV Self Storage from April 2011 to January 2014 extended to Northern and Central California. His role encompassed the management of multiple commercial self-storage assets, further showcasing his proficiency in diverse areas of the real estate industry.

Principal – ABW Holding (2006-2010)

Suneet Singal’s early career included a pivotal role as Principal at ABW Holding from January 2006 to December 2010. This private holding company experience added valuable layers to his expertise, solidifying his reputation as a well-rounded professional in the field.

Suneet Singal’s diverse and influential career in finance, real estate development, and investment showcases a commitment to innovation, strategic thinking, and leadership. From his role as Chairman of the Board at First Capital to his various impactful positions and ventures, he continues to be a driving force in the financial industry. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


 Suneet Singal’s journey at First Capital is a testament to his visionary leadership, and their exploration of REITs exemplifies their commitment to diversifying and innovating in the world of finance. As they continue to navigate the dynamic world of REITs, their success serves as an inspiration for investors looking to explore new avenues in finance.