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The Best Roguelike Games of All Time


Whether you are a roguelike gamer or are simply a fan of them, there are several great games to choose from. So which ones are the best?

Dungeons of Dredmor

During its release last month, Dungeons of Dredmor blew up on the Steam sales charts. The game is a remake of the original, but it has modernized core mechanics and updated graphics. The game isn’t perfect, but it’s fun and addicting.

The game’s interface is simple and intuitive. Players can choose from seven skills. These skills range from mundane to unique. Most of the skills randomly assign effects and grant powerful new abilities. In addition, players have a comprehensive crafting system. This allows players to experiment with different character types and experiences. However, the system can be confusing at first.

While Dungeons of Dredmor does not attempt to tell an epic story, it does allow for bizarre stories of failed heterodox. The game features nest-building Diggles and a red-eyed menace.

Sky Rogue

Using a roguelike design, Sky Rogue takes a classic arcade action game and puts it in a new context. Taking a similar look to Starfox, Sky Rogue uses randomly generated terrain to create a different type of gameplay.

Sky Rogue has simple controls that are easy to learn. Using the mouse and keyboard, players are able to choose from a variety of aeros and a variety of weapons. These include dumb-fire rockets, homing micro missiles, and Vulcan cannons. Using these weapons, players can kill a variety of enemies at close range.

The game also features procedurally generated islands with military fortifications. These islands are covered in bunkers and anti-aircraft weaponry.


Developed by Moppin and published by Devolver Digital, Downwell is an arcade action roguelike with a classical arcade design. Players control a pixelated character, who must shoot through a well and fall through a maze of monsters, spikes, and ghosts.

The most fun part of Downwell is the action. It’s all about figuring out how to jump, roll, and punch your way through the maze. The key is to make your way to the bottom of the well. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of upgrades.

Downwell is a roguelike that will make you sweat. There are lots of moving parts on screen, and the game doesn’t take long to end. The more enemies you kill, the more gems you’ll receive. The gems are a form of currency, and they’re used to purchase integral upgrades.

Atomicrops vs Invisible Inc.

Unlike most games, Atomicrops enables you to make a profit in the virtual economy. Moreover, it is one of the few games where you can leave the farmyard NPCs to tend to the crops while you do the real work in the real world. It’s not just you, your neighbors will want to see you in action.

Aside from the usual suspects, Atomicrops enables you to experience the aforementioned rite of passage as a guest of honor. The game is a blast to play, and one that is sure to elicit a few quizzical looks from your neighbors. To get you started, here are a few things to consider before you go out and buy your first virtual farm.


Originally released in 2008, Spelunky is considered one of the best roguelike games of all time. Its success led to a revival of the genre. Its unique approach to gameplay and atmosphere earned critical acclaim.

The original game was a mashup of roguelikes and real-time side-scrolling platformers. It was also one of the first to use procedurally-generated levels. The player had to navigate through an underground environment. They also had to avoid deadly hazards.

The gameplay was inspired by other roguelike games, such as Rogue and La-Mulana. The game’s success prompted developers to create a sequel. The game is similar to the first, but it introduces new concepts and variations.

Slay the Spire

Developed by Mega Crit Games and published by Humble Bundle, Slay the Spire is a deck-building video game that challenges players to collect cards and build a deck that can help them survive. Each character has a different deck and the game is a blend of card-based strategy and turn-based combat.

The game is available on Steam for Windows and Mac, and on Steam for Linux. In addition, players can find a wealth of mods, items, and cards in the Steam Workshop. Unlike other roguelike games, Slay the Spire doesn’t force players to use a specific archetype.

Slay the Spire is fun to play, but it can be difficult for beginners. To learn the ropes, players must learn which cards are worth using, how to avoid elites, and what risks they should take.