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While you are selling on eBay, your current buyers can’t come into your shop and have a look close to it. They can’t meet you in person. The internet and eBay tend to be anonymous. This anonymity indicates buyers are naturally skeptical about who they are buying through. You need to overcome their organic skepticism.

eBay’s “About Me” page gives you a chance to do that. But most sellers on auction websites do not use the “About Me” page facility. I assume they don’t feel likely to give personal details about themselves – and I don’t fault them. Their customers aren’t probably interested in their family, interests, etc. But through not using the “About Me” page, most sellers, and for that reason most of your competition, are making an enormous mistake.

The “About Me” page allows you to find yourself as a human being and present your business as a legit business. If you have an “About Me” page and your opponents don’t, buyers will have more confidence in buying from you. This means that your “About Me” page raises your sales. If your opponents have an “About Me” site and you don’t – you could lose sales to your opponents.

Suppose you are selling on Craig’s list as a hobby or to get rid of unnecessary stuff around the house. In that case, you will look more natural, human, and trustworthy to your potential prospects if you include a picture of yourself and add a few traces of text about you on your own “About Me” page. This may increase your customers’ confidence about buying from you. This is especially useful if you have a low comment score.

But if you are running a small home business, you want your “About Me” page to enhance your personal and professional image. Your customers avoid wanting to know about your living. They want to know about you like a seller. If they are looking at your own “About Me” page, it can be because they’ve observed your listing and want to purchase from you. But before they do, they need reassurance that you are a reputable company. They want to have confidence in buying your mouth. Your listing has offered them the idea of purchasing your product. Your “About Me” page has to market them on the idea of purchasing from YOU rather than your rival.

So consider your “About Me” page a sales letter selling you and your company rather than your product. Inform your customers why they should purchase from you rather than your competition. Auction websites allow you to include your feedback on your “About Me” page. This is like possessing a list of testimonials for your company! Display your guarantees happily on your “About Me” site.

You can have links to any opinions or guides you’ve published (or had written for you) that are relevant to your specialized niche. Display your contact details along with your address. Few potential customers find them helpful but seeing these people displayed will instill confidence that you are a legitimate organization and have nothing to hide. Pretty much everything will enhance your credibility in the eyes of your customers, along with encouraging them to buy from you rather than from your competitors.

Your “About Me” page is also an outstanding FREE advertising space on your business, your listings Plus your non-eBay business (if you could have one). Your “About Me” page can help you generate far more subscribers to your list and ultimately make more product sales on eBay and from the non-eBay business if you have 1. Why would any practical business person not use the “About Me” page?

You may use you “About Me” web page to promote free or special offers. eBay provides CODE tags that you can use to ask people to subscribe to your e-newsletter, link to your shop, and have your items for sale. This can increase your sales now and encourage customers to return to you in the future.

You can also give a link on your “About Me” page to your non-eBay internet site if you have one, so you can help make sales off of eBay and save on eBay fees replacing the same with profit.

Suppose you don’t have your internet site. In that case, you can sign up as an affiliate marketing to someone else’s website, which may be selling something related to your niche, and paste the url that they give you into the “About Me” page template eBay provides. That way, you can create money by selling someone else’s merchandise without lifting a little finger!

Give your customers a reason to venture to your “About Me” site by writing something appropriate in your listings and any email correspondence you deliver. For example, you could say: “See my “About Me” web page for our terms and conditions”; “See my “About Me” page for full information on my no-quibble money-back guarantee”; “Visit my “About Me” page to get free home elevators (your niche)” or “Visit my “About Me” web page to get more bargain offers,” and so on Include a clickable link to your own “About Me” page to make it easy for them to go there. Whether they have to search for your “About Me” page – they probably will not bother.

To get ideas, take a look at other sellers’ “About Me” pages (click on the “me” icon next to their Consumer ID), especially those who have higher sales (their number of feedback is shown in braces after their User ID). What other sellers have unique “About Me” pages that might encourage you to buy from these people? If it works for them, it can work for you, too.

Once you have an “About Me” page, you may alter it any time. And so don’t worry about making it the supreme, perfect “About Me” site right away. Just get a professional-looking “About Me” page as soon as possible. Like several things on eBay, you can test and tweak different things on your own “About Me” page with time to see what works best for you within your niche. And it won’t set you back a penny!

eBay makes it super easy to create your “About Me” page by providing a theme you can edit. You get into your text, add photos, then select a page design. You can preview your web page and click the Publish button to save your website once you’ve chosen the layout you like. Just follow eBay’s straightforward instructions.

You can design an “About Me” page using your HTML code if you know the way, or you can get someone to apply it at

If you are finished, you can include your “About Me” web address (URL) with your listings and emails, etcetera, for people to click to enjoy your “About Me” website. Other users will often see the “me” icon next to your User ID. They can go through the icon to view your website and learn more about you, including your business.

Don’t break anyone’s eBay rules about what you can and can’t put in your personal “About Me” page or if your account may be suspended. Seeing that eBay changes its policies occasionally, I haven’t provided them here. To check eBay’s rules on “About Me” pages, click on the Help key at the top of any eBay webpage and type “About Myself Guidelines” in the Search the assistance pages box at the top of the particular page.

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