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The Top 5 Reasons You Must Use a Website Monitoring Service


Businesses are starting to understand the value of website monitoring in more significant numbers. They are consequently beginning to understand the importance of a website monitoring service. You can’t, after all, stay seated at your desk all week long clicking refresh. Even if you could, you might be unable to tell whether your website was live or your computer displayed a cached copy. To know about BT Site Status, click here.

These five factors may help you better understand why a website monitor is so vital to the success of your site if you’re still unsure.

1. Retain Clientele:

According to a recent survey, if a website’s pages don’t load quickly enough, 80% of visitors will click away. Likewise, you’re losing sales if your website is experiencing performance problems. To address and quickly resolve these problems, you need to have a website monitoring service that can alert you when they arise. Allowing the performance issues to persist would be equivalent to driving customers away.

2. Avoid Losses in Revenue:

Every single minute of downtime results in lost income. Depending on when it happens, you might not notice a site outage for hours. However, people may still be trying to access your website and make purchases even if you are asleep. You must be informed when your site is down if you don’t want to lose those sales. The amount of lost revenue that can be prevented with just one phone call from a website monitoring service is in the thousands.

3. Maintain Your Rankings in Search Engines:

Do you recall Murphy’s Law? Anything wrong that can happen will probably happen. For example, when search engines try to crawl your website, it could go down. In this case, the search engines might penalize your website and lower your website’s ranking. You probably put a lot of effort into your SEO tactics. The last thing you want is unplanned website downtime to harm your website’s ranking. When your website goes down, a website monitoring service will notify you right away so you can take action to fix it and keep the search engines happy.

4. Reduce Losses Caused by a DDoS Attack:

Your website may not be political, but that doesn’t mean it’s not vulnerable to a DDoS attack. Hackers will occasionally target a website to demonstrate their abilities. As a result, hackers may cause significant website downtime. Fortunately, a good website monitoring service can alert you to any problems as soon as they arise, giving you time to defend your website. Even though your website might be unavailable for a while, you can reduce the damage if you’re informed of the attack as soon as it occurs.

5. Maintain the Good Name of Your Business:

Reputation is everything when conducting business online. You don’t want to risk losing customers because of poor website performance. Customers can get frustrated even if your website is only partially down. Customers may leave your website and decide not to return if your site’s performance suffers. Website monitoring services can let you know if your site has any performance problems, allowing you to fix them and maintain happy customers.

A Minuscule Cost:

It becomes clear that using a website monitoring service is an investment when you consider all of its advantages. Invest in a high-quality website monitor to maximize website uptime and minimize the harm that performance problems and website downtime can do.

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