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TK Constructors Reviews


If you’re looking for a home builder, you may have heard of TK constructors. These people are not only great to work with, but they also care about their customers. It’s not uncommon to hear of scammed people, but don’t worry – TK Constructors are not that company. Instead, they are natural, good builders focusing on the 4 F’s: reliability, quality, price, and timeliness.

Avoid TK construction like the plague.

Don’t waste your time reading TK Constructors reviews online. The company is open Mon-Fri. The hours of operation are 8 am-5 pm. This is enough time to learn what they’re all about and how they differ from other companies. If you’re looking for a construction company that can meet all of your construction needs, TK Constructors is the company to visit.

TK construction is a great company.

If you are in the market for a new home, TK construction is a great company to consider. Their professional approach to construction means that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They are also able to provide personalized service. They have design centers to assist you with your selection of interior and exterior colors, as well as cabinet and lighting options. They are based in Yorktown, Indiana.

As a result, if you need a building built quickly and efficiently, TK construction is your company. Their construction services include commercial and residential construction, engineering design and construction, and tenant improvements. They can also help you remodel your commercial space to maximize space. They have over 35 years of experience and work on a wide range of projects, from minor to mid-size.

TK construction is a terrible company.

We recently had a house built by TK construction, and we’re very disappointed. The project was supposed to take five weeks, but the company was delayed by supply chain problems and a severe labor shortage in the housing industry. As a result, they stopped giving us completion dates.