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Top 10 Bikes in United States of America – Know the Details!

Top 10 Bikes in United States of America


It is a fact that the US happens to be a place where you will find some extremely in-demand bike brands right now. That being said, let us find out the top 10 bikes in United States of America that will surely capture your interest.

Harley Davidson

Being born in the year 1903 in Milwaukee, this motorcycle brand has become perhaps the most iconic brand in the United States at the moment. It has a share of approximately 30% in the US market these days. Harley Davidson is known to provide astounding bikes featuring top-notch exhaust systems, paint jobs, handlebars, etc. which will enable the rider to control the machine easily.


The first product of this brand had been YA-1 125cc which entered the market in 1955 featuring a powerful 2-stroke, 125 cc single0cylinder engine. Apart from bikes, Yamaha likewise produces scooters, motorized boats, 4-wheel ATVs, utility boats, electrical generators, and so forth. This company occupies nearly 11% of the total bike market in the country at present.


Established in the year 1946, this reputed company is known to manufacture some top-quality bikes that have pleased numerous users over the years. The first bike was launched by Honda in 1949. Honda C-100 was the first motorcycle that was introduced in the year 1953. Besides bikes, the company also manufactures a huge assortment of helmets, gloves, riding jackets, etc.


Founded in 1896, this brand has turned out to be one of the best bike brands on the planet. The bikes produced by this brand feature unique performance and design which have made them so popular in the US. Besides producing top-notch bikes, Kawasaki also sponsors racing teams across the globe. It has got a market share of 12.8% in the US.

Top 10 Bikes in United States of America
Top 10 Bikes in United States of America


The first bike introduced by BMW had been the BMW R 32 which was launched in 1923. As many as 300 units of this model were marketed by BMW within 3 years. The lineup of this brand consists of sports motorcycles, touring motorcycles, as well as dual-purpose bikes that are ideal for urban environments. The total market share of this company is 4% in the US right now.


Even though this brand produced small-sized bikes in the initial years, it turned out to be among the best bike brands in the world very soon. Apart from motorcycles, Suzuki also produces ATVs, scooters, tractors, snowmobiles, trucks, as well as other heavy devices. This company has shown remarkable progress when it comes to fuel injection, Computer-Aided Design, and automatic transmissions.


This company came into being in the year 1926 and it was accountable for introducing Ducati “Cucciolo” in 1950 which happens to be the first Cucciolo-based bike of the company. An extensive array of models are provided by Ducati right now including street bikes, sport bikes, and so forth that are known for their outstanding fuel economy and cutting-edge technology. Ducati also produces apparel items, racing gear, helmets for bikers, and so on.

Moto Guzzi

This brand is known to produce bikes of different sizes and styles which make it so unique. Moto Guzzi was established in the year 1921, and it also produces other products such as luggage, clothing, additional gear, etc. among the most well-known models offered by this brand, mention may be made of V7 Grand Tourismo Premium Motorcycle Griso1200 S Touring Bike (standard model), Panigale R (race tune), V7 Sport Classic Motorcycle ( sporty street bike ), and so forth.


Based in Britain, this brand is known to manufacture motorcycles of different makes and styles such as tourers, sports bikes, cruisers, dual-purpose motorcycles, dirt bikes, and more. The present lineup of Triumph consists of models such as the Street Triple R (a street motorcycle), Daytona 675R (a sport bike), Scrambler 1200RS (a cruiser), Thruxton 1000RR (an adventure bike), Speed Triple 900SX Race Edition (a racebike), etc. All these bikes are light in weight as well as durable.


Polaris started manufacturing bikes in 2017 and these are 100% produced in the US. Besides bikes, this brand also produces UTVs and ATVs. Polaris has succeeded in opening several stores in North America during the last few years and other nations where it is performing well are the UK, Greece, and Belgium.

Top 10 Bikes in United States of America
Top 10 Bikes in United States of America


After going through this post you must have got a decent idea regarding the top bike brands in the US. Let us hope that it will assist you in purchasing your dream machine without any sort of problem.