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Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose – check the list now!

Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose


Below we have mentioned a list of the top 10 cardiologists in San Jose. Here, we like to inform you that a cardiologist is a physician treating ailments related to the heart as well as the blood vessels

Dr. Jeffrey M. Guardino

This renowned cardiologist is based in Menlo Park, California. It has been 29 years since Dr. Jeffrey M. Guardino is practicing medicine and he is rated very highly in as many as 34 conditions. He is an expert in Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT), Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia (AVNRT), Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia, and His Bundle Tachycardia.

Dr. Tino Gallo

This doctor passed his graduation from Georgetown University School of Medicine located in Washington D.C. after completing his fellowship and residency at the University of California, Dr. Tino Gallo is presently offering his service in St. Louise Hospital, Gilroy, California, and O’Connor Hospital as well. He is conversant in Italian and English.

Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose
Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose

Theodore Chow

This cardiologist passed his undergraduate education at the reputed Princeton University and got his degree in medicine from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He also completed his post-graduate medical training at Harvard Medical School. Having completed his fellowship in electrophysiology and cardiology at the well-known Massachusetts General Hospital, Theodore Chow is experienced in EP procedures, heart rhythm disorders, and cardiac device implantation.

Amir Kaykha

This doctor passed his graduation in the year 1995 from Azad Tehran University School of Medicine. Amir Kaykha performed his research in cardiovascular medication at VA Palo Alto and made contributions to lots of presentations and publications in the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. This cardiologist provides his services in General Cardiology, Nuclear Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, Exercise Treadmill Testing Transthoracic Echocardiography, Vascular Medicine, Stress Echocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiography, and so on.

Ngai X. Nguyen

This person happens to be a cardiologist based in San Jose, California. Ngai X. Nguyen is accredited to practice medicine at present in California and he specializes in various fields such as Cardiac catheterization, Interventional Cardiology, Heart failure, Laser lead extraction, Cardiac electrophysiology, ICD / Pacemaker insertion, etc.

Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee

He is a well-known cardiologist also based in San Jose, California. Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee is known to specialize in performing complicated vascular and cardiac intervention processes involving the usage of minimally invasive procedures for treating cardiac ailments. He has completed his residency and internship at Harvard University / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Rezaee likewise completed a fellowship in interventional cardiology and cardiovascular medicine at Stanford University. Right now, he provides his services in Coronary Treatment, Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Preventive Personalized Care, Peripheral Artery Treatment, and Venous Treatment.

John Speer Schroeder

He happens to be a cardiologist certified by the board dealing with an extensive range of cardiovascular ailments and diagnostic problems. His clinical research consists of coronary artery spasms, cardiovascular drugs, secondary and primary treatment of coronary artery disease as well as chest pain of unclear cause. Dr. Schroeder is likewise a pharmacologic and medicolegal consultant in the cardiovascular department. He has the distinction of publishing more than 295 research papers that have been reviewed scientifically.

Dr. Suman Kuppahally

It was in 1996 that this cardiologist passed her graduation from the Government Medical College Nagpur. Right now, she is working in San Jose, California as well as in 7 more locations. Dr. Suman Kuppahally happens to be a specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. She has an affiliation with El Camino Hospital as well.

Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose
Top 10 Cardiologists in San Jose

Dr. Matthew Levy

Dr. Matthew Levy is an associate professor in the Emergency Medicine Department and plays a crucial role in the Division of Special Operations of this department. Apart from this, he is likewise a Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services as well as a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He functions closely with several regional, federal, and state emergency medical services, disaster medication response elements, and special operations medication.

Dr. Kurt Bausback

Being a reputed cardiologist based in San Jose, California, Dr. Kurt Bausback is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the region such as El Camino Health-Mountain View plus Good Samaritan Hospital-San Jose, and so on. This cardiologist obtained his medical degree from the reputed Stanford University School of Medicine and is practicing for over 2 decades successfully.