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Top 10 pet friendly cafes in Kolkata – Know the Details!

Top 10 pet friendly cafes in Kolkata


Here, we will talk about the top 10 pet friendly cafes in Kolkata that will provide you with top-quality food items as well as a peaceful ambiance. So, let us not waste time and look at the cafés in the subsequent paragraphs.

Wood House – The Pet Café

There is no doubt that this Café happens to be one of the most interesting locations for coffee shops that are pet-friendly. Wood House – The Pet Café will provide you with the perfect opportunity of enjoying a delectable supper with your furry friend in a welcoming setting. The personal pets of this particular Café are Shasha and Samba which will aid in enhancing your experience of having your meal there. This Café will provide you with Chinese, Indian, and Italian recipes much to your satisfaction.

Throttle Shrottle

This particular place has become attractive with the addition of two kittens and two white ducks. The exterior open-air setting can be accessed at all times and it is also dimly illuminated. The Throttle Shrottle can boast of having an original atmosphere, tempo, and theme. The pets are known to roam freely right here and they will not cause any harm to the guests. Here you can select anything delicious including pizza, coffee, cheese burst omelet, and so forth for recharging yourself.

The Green House

We like to mention that as many as eight attractive and friendly pets, namely, Casper, Brutus, Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, Scotch, Bailey, and Jackey, form an integral part of the Café. Incidentally, the Green House had been created with the intention of offering an extensive menu card and a comfy atmosphere for the entertainment of the guests. The size of the Café is 1200 ft.² and it provides Chinese, Continental, and Indian-style pizzas, crunchy nachos, cheese balls, waffles, baby corn, lasagna, fries, dim sum, chicken tikka, etc.

Address: P510, Keyatala Road, Southern Ave, Near Vivekananda Park

Top 10 pet friendly cafes in kolkata
Top 10 pet friendly cafes in kolkata

Hugo & Finn

This particular Café is considered to be the most recent and visually pleasing top-rated Café in the city of Kolkata. It provides scrumptious meals, Royal Spice Tea, Bengal Chai, many types of coffee, and so forth. It is conducive for pet owners as well.

Pocket-Friendly Autowala

The coffees and teas served by this Café are outstanding and their brownies and chicken balls are also excellent. Pocket-Friendly Autowala has been embellished with auto components and it is also extremely creative. One can easily bring their pets to this Café given that there is plenty of space out here.

Address: 1/201, Borough-X, Gariahat Road, Jodhpur Park

Kettleberry Coffee Break

This comparatively new Café located in Kolkata will provide you with a comfortable and charming atmosphere which will definitely please you. The most notable thing is that it will be possible to bring your pets right here. Here, you might try the following food items, namely, BBQ chicken steak, grilled chicken, plus a green apple mojito.

Address: 14/10/A, PGH Shah Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata.

The Square Foot Café

In case you want to come across a top-notch pet-friendly Café in Kolkata, then you must visit The Square Foot Café. Here, it’ll possible for you to find cats, dogs, and other pets. There is no doubt that the food is delectable, and you should try their pizza before anything else. Incidentally, it happens to be the only Café in the city that will care for your adorable pet’s socialization and play requirements.

Address: 39, High Road, Anandapur, East Kolkata Twp.

Ubuntu Eats

This particular 100% vegan site will provide you with exclusive Bengali food. Amongst the most notable delicacies provided here, mention may be made of the special pizza which comes with different types of toppings. Moreover, Ubuntu Eats is also pet-friendly where you can bring your pooches and felines as well.

Address: 603/1B Block O, New Alipore, 3rd right, opposite Hindustan Sweets

Happy Place

It is possible for the guests to bring their pets and allow them to play with the pets of the owners. This Café features large windows which will allow the sunlight stream to enter the room providing the guests with a cheery feeling. You will come across animal elements everywhere in the room which is something unique that you will not find elsewhere.

Wise Owl-The Coffee Café

The best thing here is that you will be able to enjoy the mouth-watering food items in this Café in the middle of a comfortable ambiance. The primary food items are their coffee, prawn croquettes with bacon, as well as the chicken Alexander. This Café comes with outdoor sitting facilities and will provide you with various types of European dishes.

Top 10 pet friendly cafes in kolkata
Top 10 pet friendly cafes in kolkata

Address: 66/2B, Purna Das Road, Hindustan Park


In case you have a pet dog and you are thinking of bringing him to a café, then these cafés mentioned above should be the ideal solution for you. However, you might need to follow several guidelines while coming here, for example, making sure that your pets are vaccinated.