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top ten richest country in the world


Do you know about the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world? You must read this article if you love learning about different countries’ financial status. Many financial corporations in the world constantly analyze who is the most prosperous country now! Based on GDP, they will analyze the result. The totality of all goods and services should measure a country’s wealth. Check this article to understand which countries are more affluent and why!


If you check the top 10 wealthiest countries, you will find Qatar at the top position. This country has a robust economy because of its petroleum sector. They export almost 85% and earn 70% of the national revenue. They have around 2.639 million populations, and this country is nowadays going on with surplus income. Along with their tourist trade is also booming now!

top ten richest country in the world
top 10 wealthiest countries in the world


This is a former Portuguese colony, the second most prosperous nation in the world. Every year, 7.4 percent of the GDP is increasing constantly. Their source of revenue mainly comes from gambling and tourism. They have the largest gambling sector in the world. If you compare it with other countries, gambling is here much better, and they earn much more revenue than in any other country. From the year 2006, Macau is constantly earning massive revenue from gambling. Their income source is continuously increasing; in 2018, their rising percentage of revenue became 16.81 million.


This is another of the wealthiest countries in the world. This is a small European nation, and this nation is known for its majestic castles, delectable cuisine, etc. The GDP of this company is increasing massively.  It’s almost 3.9 percent from last year. The source of income is the steel industry, banking segment, and others.  This company also has more than 150 banks, and their banking and financial sector helps to earn lots of money.


This is another small but most prosperous country in the world. This country has 5.612 million people and is a wealthy, safe, and secure nation. Every year, this country’s GDP is increasing constantly by 4.4 percent. Singapore’s economy continuously grows, and many foreign companies are trading and earning colossal revenue here. Their fast and modern life, amenities, and tourist trade are booming!

Brunei Darussalam

This is one of the smallest countries, with 4 of 00,000 people. But don’t think it’s a small country with a small population, so their economy is weak! No, they have a vast economy and come among the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world. Their GDP is increasing every year. This country is rich because its trading entirely depends on natural gas and oil. They continually invest their revenue in other sections and can earn massive amounts!


This country is famous for its great writers and lovely tourist destinations. This country has the highest living standard worldwide. They also have a robust economy, and their GDP is increasing by almost 6.1 percent yearly. Ireland’s economy is constantly growing, and many foreign investors already invested in their country for export business like computer equipment, electrical, and medical products.


Norway is another country that is very strong in the financial sector. This is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The GDP of this country every year is increasing by almost 3.1% always. Industrialization is the primary source of income and the reason for economic growth. They are always ready to offer you high productivity and the best natural living.

United Arab Emirates

This is another Middle Eastern country that earns massive revenue from its petroleum sector. They also make money from their industrial sector and other sectors. This will also boost the national economy.  Every year, their GDP increases by almost 2.4%. This country also started earning revenue from its tourist packages.


if you check the top 10 wealthiest countries lists, Kuwait is another of the richest countries in the world. Their economy is mainly based on petroleum, and 95% of the oil and gas they export worldwide earn a considerable income from them. Kuwait’s GDP per capita is also increasing. They are also growing other businesses to gain income as a second source.

top ten richest country in the world
top 10 wealthiest countries in the world

Hong Kong

This is a particular administrative region in China. This is one of the best and wealthiest countries in the world. They are Asia’s best financial hubs. This country constantly earns revenue from tourists, their electronics business, exports, and foreign investment.