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Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games


Whether you are looking for a co-op game or just want to play with your friends, there are many options for you. Here are some of the top PS4 co-op games you might want to check out.

Rayman Legends

Originally scheduled to hit the shelves in February 2013, Rayman Legends was delayed six months until February 2013. This new version adds more than just co-op to the mix. In addition to a number of additional features, Rayman Legends features improved graphics and gameplay.

Rayman Legends is a platform game that features some interesting-level designs and mechanics. Players can use a touch screen to interact with objects in the world, and also perform simple actions like poking an enemy to distract it from a bigger one.

Rayman Legends features a cool music feature that’s part of the game’s unique design. In addition to the standard music and sound effects, the game also features an interesting feature that allows players to create their own songs.

Don’t Starve Together

Whether you’re a PC, PS4, or Xbox One fan, Don’t Starve Together is one of the best co-op games around. It’s an open-ended game that lets you build amazing buildings, collect resources, and survive in a harsh environment. You can set up a public or private world, and invite friends to play.

Don’t Starve Together has a great art style and a unique game-play experience. You can build bases, gather resources, and fight large and small mobs. It’s a challenging game that doesn’t feel overbearing and is easy to play.

You can play Don’t Starve Together online and offline, which is perfect if you want to play with friends. The game supports up to six players. It also features local co-op for up to four players.

Far Cry 5

Whether you’re a fan of the first-person shooter genre or not, Far Cry 5 is a fun ride. The game offers co-op as well as online multiplayer options. While the game is technically fun to play alone, there are many times when playing with friends makes it even more fun.

The game boasts a bevy of activities, from challenges to the odd outtakes, as well as a smattering of missions playable in co-op. The co-op options, however, are limited. You’ll only be able to play in co-op if you’re friend accepts the invite.

There are some other fun co-op perks as well, including the ability to drop in on your buddy with voice-chat support. You’ll also find some of the game’s more interesting plot points.

Diablo 3

Despite the fact that it’s not quite as popular as Diablo II, Diablo 3 is still a very popular title. It has a great multiplayer mode, and you can even mix and match your classes. It’s also got a great couch co-op mode.

Diablo III is a hack-and-slash action role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third installment of the Diablo series, which is also based on a fantasy setting. The story follows Deckard Cain, an investigator who’s stumbled upon some ancient texts.

Diablo III is an isometric hack-and-slash action game that has a unique style and a number of cool features. The main game mode is a single-player mode, but you can also fight with up to four other players at once. The other mode is Adventure Mode, which removes the storyline and replaces it with random dungeons and bosses.


Featuring a cooperative mode and classic couch co-op for up to four players, Overcooked is a cooking simulation game. Players can prepare a variety of dishes and serve them to angry customers. Alternatively, they can play a competitive multiplayer mode where they must score the most points in a short amount of time.

The game is developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. The game features a wide variety of levels, difficulty settings, and chef characters. Overcooked also has an accessibility option that allows players with visual impairments to play.

Overcooked is a fast-paced, chaotic cooking game. Players must coordinate with each other and coordinate their work in order to deliver orders. On some levels, they must combine ingredients to create a variety of dishes. They must also complete their orders within a limited amount of time. They can earn coins for delivering orders correctly. However, if an order is improperly prepared, no points are earned.

Rocket League

Using the PlayStation controller, players of Rocket League will use their controller to control a rocket-powered car, which they will use to hit a ball into the goal of the opposing team. The goal is to score the most points possible during the game.

Rocket League was developed by Psyonix Studios. It is a sports game that mixes car racing and soccer, with an advanced physics system and a variety of different vehicles. The game is free to play, and you can choose to play either online or offline.

You can use Rocket League to play against bots, or you can join a server and play with other people. In the end, the team with the highest score wins. There are also special items that can be used by the player, which are exclusive to the game. You can exchange items through the trading system.