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Top Graphic Design Companies in Denver


Denver provides an abundance of opportunities for those seeking careers in graphic design. Many tech companies rely on graphic artists who can produce visually appealing products.

House of Giants was established in 2015 as a web development company specializing in user experience (UI/UX) design and digital strategy, catering mainly to small businesses from various industries. Most recently they redesigned Adaptive Sports Association’s website which provides sports-related activities for disabled individuals.

Layer Cake Creative

Layer Cake Creative of Denver is a well-recognized design firm, serving much different clientele. Their services range from logo and branding design, print materials, social media profile designs, and social media profile setups+.

This company also features an attractive website that incorporates modern techniques to create an eye-catching design and attract new clients. Their services include SEO tactics that improve search engine rankings as well as social media strategies designed to get businesses noticed across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Layer Cake Creative stands out as one of the premier graphic design firms. Their award-winning brand materials make an impactful statement about any business’s identity in its marketplace.

Faceless Marketing

Faceless Marketing, located in Denver, provides graphic design, social media management, and content marketing services to businesses in various industries. Their services include graphic design, social media management, and content marketing.

At Socially Engaged, its team creates social media accounts and graphics for various brands; uses targeted paid ads to increase brand recognition; provides social media strategy and planning services for client campaigns; as well as provides marketing communications management.

This company offers full-service printing of business cards, brochures, and posters. Their client portfolio spans the real estate, tourism, and education sectors.

Faceless Technologies employs an effective team-building method, emphasizing diversity across age, gender, and job backgrounds. Their small team fosters an inviting family-style work environment and values providing superior customer service, going the extra mile to make sure clients have all of the support they require.

Studiotrope Design Collective

Studiotrope Design Collective is a multidisciplinary firm, specializing in architecture, interior design, and graphics. Their impressive list of accolades includes winning Denver’s most innovative design award; featured press articles; web articles; galleries including AIA Colorado awards. Among their signature projects is Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch Library located in Denver’s Five Points historic district – it also holds the distinction of being the first public library to offer patrons digitally enhanced environments!

Evergreen Design Studio

Evergreen Design Studio provides graphic design services for physical materials like brochures and flyers, websites, and logos for businesses. Their founder Erin Morris has over 15 years of experience in this industry, providing professional service across numerous fields of endeavor.

This agency provides web development, graphic design, and social media marketing. Their SEO experts use SEO tactics to increase online traffic and enhance business performance while their design experts help their clients develop brand identities and promote them via social media profiles, UI/UX designs, and illustrations. Their work spans industries including travel and hospitality with organic color schemes and classic illustrations as part of its aesthetic design approach.


VectorDefector, located in Denver, specializes in crafting unique brands. Their designers assist clients in increasing their marketing presence through a user interface (UI/UX), illustrations, and logos that reflect the personality of their businesses.

Development and design services provided include creating user-friendly websites tailored specifically for their customer’s target audiences and search engine optimization to increase digital marketing campaigns and online presence. Furthermore, this company employs a team of specialized web developers and designers who deliver top-quality services at an affordable rate.

Before choosing a website design firm, it’s essential to inquire about its pricing structure and turnaround time. Furthermore, make sure they understand the significance of online marketing as part of their expertise.