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Top Management Colleges In India : All You Need To Know About Pursuing Management Course In India!

Top Management Colleges in India


Just another college won’t do in the cutthroat environment of today, to meet the growing demand for MBAs, many new Top Management Colleges in India have sprung up in recent years. Selecting the finest management college is crucial. The colleges are ranked by taking into account a number of characteristics, including costs, location, placements, infrastructure, and more. The list was published by Union Minister Smriti Irani. The best management schools in the nation are listed in the article titled “India Rankings 2016.” The best MBA college in India is listed as Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru. The top ten management schools in the nation are:

Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru: 

It was established in 1973 and is now known as the Indian Institute of Management. Its 100-acre campus features distinctive stone structures. It provides MBA applicants with an excellent exposure because of its location in one of the largest metropolises, known as the Silicon Valley of India.

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: 

The college, also known as WIMWI (Well-known Institute of Management in Western India), is located in Ahmedabad and conducts a lot of well-liked events and activities. IIM-A has received numerous accolades for being one of Asia’s top business schools. One of the numerous prominent graduates from this prestigious business college is former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan.

Top Management Colleges in India
Top Management Colleges in India

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta: 

IIM-C, the first IIM to be founded, is regarded as one of the top B-schools in the world for finance and is particularly well-known for its finance courses. Its student exchange programme is a one-of-a-kind experience because to its extensive network with other prestigious colleges.

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow: 

The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development has designated the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow as a “Institution of Excellence.” The 200-acre campus of the college has a peaceful atmosphere and offers everything a student might possibly require. With connections to 24 of the top management colleges worldwide, IIM Lucknow maintains a robust student exchange programme. This institution’s programmes are approved by AMBA, a world-renowned accreditation organisation.

Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur: 

This IIM, which is situated in the lovely city of Udaipur, has a fantastic campus life. It is one of the best management schools in the nation and has numerous accreditations. It was founded in 2011 and boasts a fantastic faculty that includes academics and researchers that have won awards. Being a top B-school in India, it attracts many top firms that give the greatest job packages across a variety of industries for placement.

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode: 

The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, has one of the most comprehensive distance learning programmes available for working executives. IIM-K students, known as Komrades, enjoy a fantastic campus environment with an active student community that organises marathons for charitable causes every year. Two Western Ghats-related hills make up the campus, which is stretched over them. Over the years, the placement record has been great.

International Management Institute, New Delhi: 

Unlike the top 6, the International Management Institute in New Delhi is a private business school. It has approval from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), a global organisation for approval. They have professors in a variety of fields, including organisation behaviour, marketing, finance, and strategy.

Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal: 

Admissions at the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal are made through the CAT. The institution conducts studies and research in the fields of managing forests and other natural resources. Anant Raje, a prize-winning architect, constructed the campus. As one of the best management schools in the nation, the institute has a 100% placement rate.

Top Management Colleges in India
Top Management Colleges in India

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur:

Understanding the benefits of merging engineering with management studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Since it first began to offer management degrees, IIT Kanpur’s department has grown to become one of the top management institutions in the nation. They provide MBA programmes in operations, marketing, information technology, and systems.

Indian Institute of Management, Indore: 

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore, has MOUs with more than 20 institutions and offers a wide range of exchange opportunities. An average of 50 foreign students attend IIM Indore for a term. Brazil has a similar scheme. The campus’s infrastructure is stunning. The sole IIM in Mumbai, India’s financial hub, offers a postgraduate programme in management. Reputable businesses visit them to recruit.


To make the greatest decision for their future, students must take into account their finances, networking opportunities, programme interests, and professional aspirations when selecting a business school.