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Torque Fitness Reviews


TORQUE Fitness Studio offers a wide variety of classes that can help you meet your fitness goals. From barre classes to TRX training, there’s something to fit your needs. There are also childcare options available if you need to schedule a class outside of the morning or afternoon hours.

LSR 3.0 squat rack

Whether you are just starting out or you are looking for something to enhance your home gym, a Torque Fitness LSR 3.0 squat rack is a good place to start. This piece of equipment is designed to provide you with an assortment of strength training workouts while providing you with the flexibility to add and remove attachments as you see fit. It can also be anchored to the floor.

The Torque LSR 3.0 squat rack offers some great features and it is sure to be a staple of your home gym for years to come. The standard features include heavy-duty 3×3 inch 11 gauge uprights, a pull-up bar, and a few extra attachment points. It can be upgraded with horizontal Olympic bar mounts, battle rope anchors, and a few extra bars.

The Torque LSR 3.0 is also one of the most affordable squat racks on the market. The company’s motto is that everyone has greatness inside of them and with this squat rack, you can be confident that you are maximizing your strength potential.

M1 tank

Unlike most sleds, the Torque Fitness M1 Tank is designed with your home gym in mind. It is a durable, portable sled that is perfect for use in a variety of environments. This sled has the same design and technology as the original Tank push sleds, but is lighter and more storable.

This sled is a perfect training tool for upper body strength training. It has ergonomic grips and three built-in resistance levels that increase resistance as you push harder. There are also removable Performance Handles for added comfort.

Torque Fitness M1 Tank has a built-in magnetic resistance system that allows for easy resistance adjustment. This system eliminates friction from metal against concrete or turf. The resistance level can be changed with a click of a button.

Torque Fitness M1 Tank is compact and has a wall-bracket for storage. It has removable handles for easy portability and storage. It also has a frictionless magnetic brake system that prevents acceleration.

Endless Rope performance tracker

Whether you’re a diehard squatter or a pugilist on the lookout for a new fitness partner, the Endless Rope from Torque can help you get in shape. It’s got a high-quality construction, and is easy to clean. It’s also mountable to most strength systems.

The Endless Rope is also a good choice for a home gym, since it can be mounted to a wall or to any square tube. It comes with a removable lanyard. The Endless Rope is a functional way to train your arms and back. It’s also a great cardio workout, as it mimics the upper-body work involved in rope climbing. It is made from a double-braided Polyester material, which is relatively lightweight. It has four resistance levels to choose from.

There are many other similar models out there, but the Endless Rope stands out thanks to its high-tech components. It has a unique pivoting roller design, which makes it easy to focus on the workout. It’s also a good way to test your arm strength, as it requires a hefty amount of force to pull both sides of the rope.

Spin classes

Taking a spin class at Torque Fitness is a great way to stay motivated and burn calories. They offer three different styles of fusion classes that combine cardio and resistance training. You can choose between a 45-minute class, a 60-minute class or a 75-minute class. These classes are perfect for all levels of fitness. They build strength, endurance and shape your legs.

The 45-minute TORQUE Spin class begins with a warm up that includes upper body movements. Then, the instructor will instruct you on how to position your hands, handlebars and other elements. The instructor will also tell you when to increase or decrease resistance. Then, you will pedal to the beat of the music. You will also participate in short sprints and sets. After this, you will take a five-minute break.

The 60-minute TORQUE Fusion Spin/TRX class is similar to the 45-minute TORQUE Spin class, but you will also be using TRX bands. These bands will help you get a stronger and more toned upper body, while also developing your balance and flexibility.